Yasir Hussain, Iqra Aziz Not in a Relationship

Pakistani celebrities are often not easy commenting on their relationships with rumors circulating every now and then. One such rumored couple that has faced such relationship status updates is none other than Yasir Hussain and Iqra Aziz. The two have been very close to each other for quite some time now and have also gone on vacations together multiple times making it obvious for a lot of people that they are in a relationship. The rumors of their relationship often spread when the two post pictures of themselves on social media website which leads to people believing that they are in a relationship.

One such instance was when Iqra Aziz posted a picture on Instagram whilst holding Yasir Hussain’s hand with her t-shirt saying “She is not single anymore”. This added fuel to the fire that the two are now in a relationship and will make it official soon. However, it looks like both the actors are really close friends only and there is no relationship between them. Yasir Hussain confirmed this that he is not in a relationship with Iqra Aziz and the two are friends only. The statement from Yasir comes as a surprise for many as their pictures had always made us believe that there is something going on.

The two have been quite active on their social media pages and have been sharing images quite often. But for now it looks like there is nothing serious going on between the two and we hope that they do get together soon because they make a lovely couple. Yasir Hussain during an Instagram Q&A session had said that the actors are engaged already but we do know his humor and that may well have been another reply left by Yasir Hussain to leave the people intrigued of their relationship.

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