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Pakistan Railways Earns Rs. 39 Billion Revenue in 9 Months

There was a time when Pakistan Railways was a complete disaster. But now things have turned around quickly and the institute is now no more a loss-making machine. According to the officials of Pakistan Railways, the revenue generated in the nine months of the current fiscal year is Rs. 39.010 billion which is Rs. 3.706 billion more than what the Railways earned in the same period last year. The losses of the Railways have also been curbed due to the efforts of the government as well as the employees who have helped the government to generate more revenue.

Apart from the increase in revenue, there has also been an increase in passenger and freight trains over the last nine months. Over the past nine months, the government has launched 11 passenger trains and 4 freight trains in order to facilitate its passengers and earn more revenue. This ploy has worked as the revenue for the institution has increased over the last 9 months. The government is still looking to increase the number of trains in the country but it will all depend on the availability of resources and locomotives. The current locomotives count of Pakistan Railways is 460.

However, out of those 460, only 325 are functional while the rest of the locomotives are not functional. These non-functional locomotives also include Chinese locomotives that need repair work in order to start working again. These locomotives will now be repaired with the help of the Chinese and Turkish railway departments. Some of the other locomotives have completed their lives or met accidents that will take some time to be repaired. Pakistan Railways has made significant progress in terms of technology as well where you can now make online payments for your tickets and also check the tracking status of your train.


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