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Usman Buzdar Bans Official Iftar Parties

Ever since the PTI government has come to power, they have been trying to cut down on different expenses altogether. As part of the austerity measures, the CM of Punjab Usman Buzdar has ordered a complete ban on arranging iftar dinners from the state expense. The CM said that the decision was taken as part of the austerity measures that the PTI government has been trying to follow in the federal as well as the Punjab government. All the ministers, secretaries, and other officials of the Punjab government are banned from holding iftar dinners from the state expense.

If any official wants to hold iftar dinner, they can do so by holding it on their own expense. The Punjab government has also issued a notification in this regard. The CM made it clear that they are the custodian of the national resources right now and the money of the public should only be spent on the public through public development programs and welfare. Buzdar said that the public should realize that their tax money will only be spent on them and that the practice of holding lavish iftar dinners from the expense of the state will now end.

In order to give relief to the people of Punjab, CM Buzdar is also monitoring the prices of different goods in Ramazan bazars. He said that he will view all the arrangements that have been made by personally visiting the Ramazan bazars. The government is providing subsidies worth millions on different items and that relief should be passed on to the customers. The decision of austerity and price check is a good one from the Punjab government keeping in mind that the federal government has forgotten about all the austerity measures that they announced and planned to work on it.

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