Pakistani Celebrities Raise Voice for Kashmir : #StandWithKashmir

Kashmir has been a bone of contention between the two neighbors for the last 7 decades. This time the things have gone worse after the increased violence against the people of Kashmir by the Indian Forces. At the same time, the change in the policy change in the Indian ranks has hit harder. On the one hand, they have house arrested the leaders and on the other hand, they have been ruthless against the common people too. The ruthless firing with the rubber bullets has pierced the bodies of children, women, and men of all ages.

It is this attitude from the Indian side that has promoted the trends of the #StandWithKashmir and #KashmirBleeding on Twitter. It is not just Pakistan but in the countries all over the world that people are raising voice against this torture and barbarism. The celebrities have not kept quiet too. The actors who had worked in the popular Indian movies and were appreciated have also raised their voice. They have shown their disappointment over the attitude of the so-called democratic government.

Mahira khan tweeted that Kashmir is the heaven on earth and is burning like hell. She finds it strange that we are shedding tears but doing nothing. The Pakistani star Hamayun Saeed has been very vocal too. Adding the trend #StandwithKashmir to his post he added that he is hopeful that the change is on its way. The prayers would not go unheard. The legend cricket star Shahid Afridi also demanded the safeguarding of the rights of the Kashmiris. For the Pride of Performance winner Mehwish Hayat, it is the time to wake up and listen to the grief of the poor souls surviving the atrocities of the Indian army. The renowned stars like Osman Khalid Butt, Muniba Mazari, Shaan Shahid, and many others have posted their tweets too.


Arooj Ahmed
Arooj Ahmed

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