Pakistan Plans to Go Eco-friendly with Biodegradable Plastic Bags

By Arooj Ahmed — Published on 07/08/2019

Over the last few years, the problem of environmental pollution has increased considerably. Among other factors contributing to the environmental threat like smoke, noise, industrial wastes, one significant factor is the plastic bags. The usage of these bags is now condemned all over the world and countries are trying hard to overcome this menace. Many developed countries have replaced them with paper bags or biodegradable plastic bags. The resilience comes from the fact that these plastic bags take more than five decades to be part of the soil. Once they are completely decomposed they are not safe even then. The traces of its negative implications are still felt even though they become a part of the environment.


The PTI government since its inception has emphasized upon the human-friendly environment. The country is considered as one of the top contributors to global garbage and wastage. The government has made it very clear that plastic bags must be abandoned. The government has made it clear that plastic bags are a big threat for land, water reserves, and even the wildlife. Initially, the government decided to impose the ban only in the Federal capital. The Senate Standing Committee on the Climatic Change has announced that it will initiate the program of making the biodegradable plastic bags from the plant materials. The regime intends to follow the Kenyan model. Kenya was the first in the world to create the biodegradable shopping bags from the natural materials extracted from the plants.

The committee further added that they will do a complete survey and will make a committee to consider the matter. The committee stated that they are well aware of the implications of banning plastic bags. This will bring one whole industry to an abrupt ending that would cause serious losses for the business owners, but this is of no value as compared to the losses incurred by the plastic bags to the generations to come.

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