Pakistani Couple Choose Hunza for Destination Wedding

There is a trend for each and everything and right now the trend is for destination weddings only. People are now planning their weddings well in advance and are going to different destinations for their weddings. Be it the stars or anyone else, destination weddings are now the next big thing in our society and the trend to have destination wedding has already been set with Italy, Thailand, and other countries being the popular places for destination weddings. But things can go quite easy if you can plan your destination wedding to any destination that you love, including your own country as well.

And a Pakistani couple has done just that by having their destination wedding at Hunza, yes you heard that right. The mountainous valley of Hunza was the magical place for the couple to get married. The Nikkah ceremony of the couple took place in Hunza in the presence of close family members and friends. The pictures of the couple are all over the internet and they are just mesmerizing with the jaw-dropping background of mountains which shows how beautiful of a country Pakistan is and it can be the next destination wedding country as well. The couple also wore traditional Hunza caps which just looked perfect on them.

No one would have thought that someone would go to Hunza for their Nikkah and choose the place as their destination wedding. The ceremony was quite simple with no wastage of money or food at the event. At a time when people choose Europe for their destination wedding, this couple has changed the whole scenario and has set new destination wedding goals for others as well. The wedding has definitely opened up more options for people to choose for a destination wedding and we might see a lot more places coming up like this in the future as well.

Ahmad A.R

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