Karachi, Islamabad Least Expensive Cities in the World

People of Pakistan are raising their voices over the increase in prices of almost everything which is making it difficult for people to make both ends meet. The inflation in the country has increased rapidly and it looks like it won’t be ending anytime soon as well. But it looks like Pakistanis find Pakistan as an expensive place to live while the expats believe that it is one of the cheapest countries in the world. This is because Karachi and Islamabad have been named as one of the cheapest cities in the world for expats for the year 2019 according to a report by Bloomberg.

The study was conducted from more than 200 cities of the world which also included a comparison of the cost of more than 200 items in each city. From housing to transportation to food to clothes, everything was compared amongst the cities. Even household goods and entertainment were compared to find out the cheapest cities in the world. Without any surprise, eight out of the top 10 cheapest cities in the world are in Asia only with Tunis topping the list as the least expensive city. Karachi was ranked as the third cheapest city in the world with Islamabad scoring the seventh spot.

Last year Karachi was named as the sixth cheapest city in the world for expats and this year the number has gone to third showing that the cost of living has gone down in the city. Some other cities in the list also include Tashkent, Bishkek, Windhoek, Banjul, Tbilisi, Skopje, and Managua. On the other hand, the world’s most expensive city to live in was Hong Kong that was on top of the charts for the second consecutive year.


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