Pakistani Engineers Develop Robotic Arm controlled by Brain

Pakistan has not a good global image across the world as most of the world consider us as exporters of terrorism definitely not True. In the tough period, Pakistan is passing by there are many people who are working hard to build a strong image of Pakistan and make the nation proud one of them are two Pakistani Engineers Muhammad Awais and Anas Nazir who have created prosthetic bionic arm which functions by getting signals from the brain. These young scientists told that they had interest in bionics since their university early days.

Also, they have created these bionic limbs at a low cost of 2000 dollars they said that will not stop here they are working on a more advanced project like making of bionics based lower limbs and exoskeletons. It is believed that if government give facilities to the people working in these sectors in Pakistan. They can do wonders as they are capable of doing great things. These prosthetic arms will help many Pakistanis to cop up with the difficulties they are facing because of unavailability of hands lost maybe in a bomb blast or for any other reasons.

The technology used in these hands is believed to be improved with the passage of life creating more ease in the life of people. One must consider the fact that it is first of its kind invention in Pakistan. As the facilities available in Pakistan are believed to be very few in the field of robotics. But this invention is believed to be a great achievement and will help many country fellows to understand this technology and will provide prosthetics more easily available in the country. The question is that will all this stop here or Pakistan will be able to conquer more horizons in this field.

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Arooj Ahmed
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