Khadija Shah’s Comments on Kashmir Backfire

The Kashmir issue is a sensitive one right now and the whole world has its eye on it specifically after Pakistan decided to protest against India’s oppression in Kashmir. Not only did the government protest at all diplomatic platforms available but Prime Minister Imran Khan also asked the people of Pakistan to protest for Kashmir on Friday for half an hour from 12 pm onwards. The idea was to bring to notice the protests that the people are doing for Kashmir in front of the world. And people did oblige to the call of the PM as everyone from different communities participated in the event.

But this didn’t go well with some of the people including designer Khadija Shah who said that the only thing that the Pakistani people did was to waste their time protesting for Kashmir. The designer in her tweet said that she stands by PM Imran Khan in solidarity for the people of Kashmir but wasting one hour to protest on the roads is not acceptable. She said that Pakistan is already lagging behind other countries in the world and by protesting for one hour on Friday will not help anyone as it is only an aimless protest and nothing else.

The designer further said that the Pakistani nation is a lazy nation that doesn’t want to work and by doing protests they will waste more time and become less productive than they should be. The point raised by Khadija Shah didn’t go well with a lot of people who questioned her as to why one shouldn’t protest for Kashmir in Pakistan. People also questioned how the designer can label the Pakistani nation as a lazy one as they actually are a hardworking nation that has been hit by troubled economic and political conditions in the past.

Arooj Ahmed
Arooj Ahmed

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