Prize Bond Schedule Dates for 2019

Everyone looks for a brighter and secure financial future. They want some additional sources to keep their money safe and secure on the one hand and get additional funds after some time. One of the most trusted and reliable ways of doing so was to enter into a lottery. This process was always considered as something that convenient and reliable way. The lottery system kept taking different forms and then the version called the prize bonds was introduced. Today many people invest their money in the prize bonds.

The buyers get the prize bonds in very nominal rates. After some time the lucky draw is carried out, and the winners get money much more than what they have invested. The top prize is cash twice or thrice times greater than the original investment. The prize bond price can be refunded if you want it at some point or you do not want to continue with the prize bonds. The prize bonds can be kept for years. In this way, the money remains safe and you can withdraw whenever you need. In Pakistan, the prize bond system is operated by the national savings.

Every year they give the buyers a chance to be part of the lottery four times in a   month. Unlike the early times when there were 24 draws in a year now, the people can get the benefit of the 32 draws per year. National savings of Pakistan carries out five different saving pans, but the most common one is the prize bonds. Each of these has profit rates that keep increasing with the passage of time.

In 2019 many people are looking forward to the schedule of the prize bonds to get their dream financial support. As the prize amount depends upon the actual amount of purchase, therefore, the buyers have an option to buy the bond they think is suitable for them. The draw date for a particular amount happens to take place after every three months.

Prize bond schedule dates for 2019:

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