Difference between Kehwa and Green Tea



Kehwa, a traditional after meal drink consumed in Afghanistan, and some regions of Pakistan as well such as Khyber Pakhtun khawan(KPK) or Kashmir. It is famous all over the country, and people love to drink it due to its health benefits.  Every region has their recipe to make, according to the culture and the taste preferences of its people. Usually, it is a combination of various ingredients including cinnamon, cardamom pods, some traditional herbs, sugar or honey (according to the preference) and a pinch of salt as per taste.


Benefits of Kehwa:

Kehwa has properties that improve digestion, help burning extra fats, and building one’s immunity. It also helps improve metabolism and has cleansing properties. It is also considered to be one of the best home remedies in fighting cough and cold.

Green tea:

Green tea, a form of tea made from leaves of a plant called camellia, happens to be one miracle drink. It is famous and easily available everywhere, in original as well as various other flavors mixed with it.

Benefits of Green tea:

These flavors are making it, even more, healthier, enhancing its natural properties. With its natural anti-oxidation properties, it is one powerful drink for the body. Though primarily, it has been used as a weight reducing and maintaining beverage since ages, as it has fat burning properties in it. Apart from that, it increases immunity, helps brain functioning, and greatly lowers the risk of various types of cancers among its regular users.


It is also known to be an energy booster and maintains calorie count in one’s body. Not only it fights with body inflammations but miraculously is a natural drink that prevents lifetime chances of having Alzheimer’s.

Whatever beverage being consumed by people based on their preference or culture, each is benefiting them in its way or the other.


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  • shaharyar khan on 14/11/2020

    is Pakistani kahwa also made by camellia leaves? or are they some other leaves? Can we say Pakistani Kahwa is also a green tea with having all its benefits.


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