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Punjab Assembly Local Government Bill

The Punjab Assembly has passed the Punjab Local Government Bill 2019 as the opposition protested and walked out from the session. The opposition had the point of view that their amendments to the bill were not taken into any consideration and the government is doing everything on their own. Apart from the Punjab Local Government Bill, the assembly also passed the Punjab Villages Panchayats and Neighborhood Councils Bill as the decision on these two bills had been taken during the provincial cabinet meeting with Chief Minister Usman Buzdar. As the bill has been passed from the assembly, now it will be about time that the government starts to implement it in the province.

According to the new system the council mohalla and village council will be elected on the basis of non-party election systems. The tehsil and municipal election that will take place will be on the basis of party election systems. A new system of tehsil and municipal will be established according to the act which will end the union council and district council system that is currently prevailing in the province. This new amendment was the one that was being opposed by the opposition and hence they walked out of the assembly session.

The municipal and mohalla system will be established in the cities while the villages will have the tehsil and village council system. As the bill has been passed it will be sent to the governor Punjab for final approval after which it will be printed and a notification will be issued. Once the notification is issued, then the current local government body system will be dissolved automatically. The bill was also passed on time as the opposition failed to introduce amendments to the bill on time that was introduced by law minister Raja Basharat.

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