Rahat Fateh Ali Awarded Honorary Music Degree by Oxford

Written by Noor
(Last Updated On: 28/06/2019)

The land of Pakistan has got real talent. The land is known for giving birth to the most amazing stars in every walk of life. The Pakistanis have made it possible to make their names shine among the countries that claim they to be the most developed and progressive. One such name that has won the hearts with the beautiful sounds and vocals is the Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. The name does not need any introduction. The young Rahat was seen singing along with the legendary Nusrat Fateh, who was his uncle. The early training and guidance` polished his innate skill of singing that made him a great name in the world of music. Soon after his uncle’s demise he started singing alone and proved that whatever he learned was really a treat for his natural skills. It is today hard to think of any national or across the border movie that does not include the songs by this legend.

The great music maestro has so far won a number of awards at both national and international level in recognition of his skills and services in the world of music. He is a great live performer too who performs every year in a number of shows in the American and European region. To further salute him for his outstanding skills he was conferred upon the honorary degree of music by the University of Oxford. Prior to this another significant step taken by the same university was in 2017 when the university took the initiative of naming a rehearsal hall after this great singer. The hall is now known as the Ustad Rahat Fateh Ali Khan Music Room. This is an honor for the legend that he is not just the only Pakistani but in fact, the only South Asian who was chosen for this honor.

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