Atif Anwar Wins the Title of Arthur Classic

For a nation that is fighting distress, disappointment, and hardships every single moment of happiness counts. The nation is looking forward to the great achievements that the sportsmen, artists and the others are bringing home. Bodybuilding is not a government-financed sport in Pakistan. Most of the people are into the profession because of their personal interest and desire. Those who are into this game are actually doing it with their own efforts. Despite this, they have bagged a number of awards not just in the national but also in the international contests. One such name that is known for its great strength and spirit is that of Atif Anwar. Despite all the ordeals, and challenges he has taken up the challenge to raise the flag of the nation in the world through his achievements. One such effort on his part has come in the shape of the Arthur Classic.

Atif Anwar bagged the title in the Arnold Classic body building competition that was organized in Australia. He has won the title of “over 100 kg class.” The championship actually gets its name from the renowned Hollywood star and the bodybuilder of his times Arnold Schwarzenegger. He is the one who also won the title of being Mr.Olympia seven times in a row.

The name Atif Anwar emerged n the scene for the first time when he won the title of being Mr. Pakistan. Later he became popular after appearing in the contest of Mr. Universe and standing fourth. Atif is also the title holder of Mr. Karachi and Mr. Sind. The event in Australia was also attended by the great Arnold who encouraged the competitors to stay optimistic and keep doing the hard work. It is the health and the fitness that makes the real difference in anyone’s life.


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