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One of the upcoming popular stars of the Pakistani entertainment industry is Saad Qureshi. He is a popular model in the fashion world too. Saad is one of the lucky ones who made his way into the entertainment world within no time. His first drama introduced him as a phenomenal actor and since then there looking back. He has reached the top of the ladder with his own efforts and hard work and he is sure to stay on the horizon for a long time.

Although Saad is a Pakistani national he was born to a respectable family back in 1992 in the UK capital London. His early schooling was also completed thereafter which he chose to study business administration and completed his graduation in the said field from the renowned York University.

After completing his education he ventured into the world of entertainment and groomed himself as a singer, artist, and a model. It didn’t take much time to become one of the top stars. He played a supporting role with Imran Abbas in Khuda or Muhabbat 2 but even then this debut play opened several paths of success for him. This first success on the screen encouraged him to pursue his career as an actor and then he was seen in a number of popular plays on different channels.

Saad Qureshi Drama Serials:

Saad Qureshi believes in winning hearts with performance. He believes in performing in the best possible way. He is a talented actor who has performed remarkably in a number of small screen projects. Among all the most popular turned out to be Pukaar in which he plays the son of a feudal lord married to a passionate city girl. Currently, he is appearing in the Hum TV drama Meer Abru. The other popular names in the list of his ventures include

  1. Khuda Aur Mohabbat 2
  2. Shadi Mubarak
  3. Ki Jana Mein Kon
  4. Pukaar

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