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For some people, fame comes in just a nick of an hour. They don’t know even know themselves how it actually happened. Al they knew is they stepped into a new world and then conquered it. It may happen in any phase or age of life. There are many faces that gained popularity from the national television named PTV and they are still known because of their outclass performance on the channel that had limited exposure but still, it groomed them extremely well. One of the discoveries of the PTV is Nadia Khan. This versatile actress born in a typical Pathan family in 1979 made her place in the world of entertainment after appearing in an Uncle Sargam show in 1993.

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Soon after becoming popular she was introduced in a Haseena Moeen play Pal Do Pal in 1996. After a year appeared in another PTV serial Bandhan opposite the heartthrob of that time Nauman Masood. Her popularity compelled many other producers and directors to take up in their ventures. In the same year as bandhan she played in Bharam opposite Yasir Nawaz. She left the world of entertainment after getting married but 2005 was the year of her comes back. It was then that she was seen in a morning show on Geo television network. Although she received an invitation of playing in a Shoib Mansoor Lollywood venture in 2011 she did not agree at the end.

Besides being an actress she has become the first Pakistani vlogger on YouTube to get more than 10,000 subscribers. Nadia khan is currently playing another history-making role in the Geo TV drama Kamzarf. Nadia khan is a name of fame.

Her personal life has not been less than a roller coaster but when it comes to her professional life it is a story of success and achievements.

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