Sayonee (Cover) by Leo Twins

There were times when music was just instruments and singing. The singers on the screen or stage had hardly any eye-catching set up at the back. All people knew was the singer. The things in the world of commercialism have become complex. People desire hard to move ahead with something new. This has glamorized the world of music too. The music has come out of the arenas of the studio. The singers add more glamour and spice to their songs. The music has now become a treat for both the ears and the eyes. The young singers are emerging with every new day. There is a list of young singers performing their skills. One such emerging name is that of a duo called Leo Twins. This set of twins has carved its name among the popular singers of recent times in a very short period.

Haroon and Sharoon are the twins singing to the melodious tunes. They are making their name and winning the heats with astounding skills. The two were always inspired by the melodious hymns sung in the church. It was this inspiration that inspired them and compelled them to create something passionate. This took them to Ustad Idrees Khan who started training them professionally. They also joined the church choir for regular singing. This together boosted their confidence as well as kills.

It was the Nescafe studio where they made their name and impressed several people with how well they sang. After appearing on the show their names became a household in the world of music. Today, they feel lucky that they are recognized as singers, not just nationally but also internationally. The list of their fans is also increasing. To keep in touch with their lovely fans they are striving hard and have now joined Instagram also to keep their fans updated.

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