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Top 10 Latest Song of This Week

Written by Arooj Ahmed
(Last Updated On: 04/08/2019)

The songs today are not just appreciated for how they sound but also for how they appear on the sound. The category of film songs is much appreciated for this. The Pakistani cinema has considerably uplifted the standard of music over the last few years. Latest musical equipment is used along with the best visuals. This has made the music market competitive and very popular in the international market too. This week the listeners had a number of songs to choose from. These songs are from the latest movies that are about to release on this Eid Ul Azha. The soundtracks made their mark soon after their release. The top ten soundtracks of the current week are as follows:

  • Ghalat fehmi is the top-ranked in the list of the best songs of this week. The song is from the upcoming Mahira Khan Starrer movie Superstar. It has become popular in hours after its release.

  • Noori is another beautiful song from the star-studded movie Superstar. Sung by the melodious Sunidhi Chohan this song is making its mark on the list.

  • Haye Dil Bechra is from the most awaited release of the Eid Ul Azha, Parey Hut Love. It is not wrong to say that it has all the masala it requires.

  • Kala Suit is on the 4th number in the list. It is a beautiful song from the emerging musical stars Zohaib Aslam and Bohemia. It is a great musical treat for those who love the music in the traditional way.

  • In Dino ranks fifth in the list. This is another musical piece from the upcoming attraction Superstar. It is a heartwarming and enthralling piece of music for those who want something appealing playing in their cars.

  • Kuch To Hoa Ha is the musical piece from another upcoming cinema creation Heer Maan Ja. This musical addition is sung by Rameez and Aima Baig. The song has just released and is expected to go further.

  • Neend Ati Nahi was a presentation at the Pepsi Battle of Bands that was actually the tribute to the legendary Junoon group. Released under the banner of E-Sharp it is 7th at the charts this week.

  • Bekaraan Ishq is the songs at number 8th this week and you are writing this is again the winning musical number from Superstar.

  • OST of Heer Maan Ja is really impressive. Its position on number 9 is evident that it has something special to it.

  • Balma Bhagora from Parey Hut Love is hitting the charts with its lyrics, composition, and the vibrant musical notes.

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