Shehroz Sabzwari Confirm About Separation with Syra

Recently, Shaharoz Sabzwari posted a video on Instagram to tell his viewers the actual reason of separation between husband and wife. According to his video, the couple has been separated for six months to give space to each other as their ideologies are different to see if they could live together or not. At the end of the message, he said that they had taken a mature decision. He clarified that their daughter is still very happy as she has been living with them. His main focus was the point that the two are separated to give space to each other because their point of view are different and if it worked then they will proceed to either divorce or reunion.

Secondly, he talked about rumors of having an affair with the model and actress, Sadaf Kanwal, which lead to their separation. The actor said that the media and followers interfered in the family’s personal matter without the couple’s permission and reported wrong news. He further said that media and followers, themselves, confirmed the news; although, relatives and loved of partners or partners have not reported it.

The TERI RAZA actor informed that he met ALIF actress in November and the couple separated in JUNE, approximately. He said that the interference of social media and news channels in the matter has saddened him. He said that it is sin to spread wrong or false news in Islam. He explained his religious pint of view further that it is not right to bring someone’s daughter, wife, sister or mother in matters in which they are not involved.

The actor, seen in HASSAD recently, said that Syra is his wife and respect and the viewers will get to know when they will give divorce to each other. In other words, he asked and requested viewers not to spread false news if none of the involved people has reported it.

As social media has arisen, it is getting common to spread false news in Pakistan and in other parts of the world, as well. Recent rumors of Nausheen Shah being drunk is one of an example of it. Therefore, there is now need to have digital journalism that can provide authentic news.

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