The Controversy of the tiktok star Hareem Shah

Hareem Shah was just an ordinary girl with a love for ‘tiktok’. She would make tiktok videos at every chance she got and was getting popular with the tiktok users for her many videos. However, that ordinary girl started to appear on news and started trending on Twitter after she made a tiktok video in Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi’s office.

Since that day she became more courageous and started making more politically active videos which made her a constant trend on twitter and a constant person who appeared on news. Her latest controversy or scandal involved her calls with the famous railway minister of Pakistan; Sheikh Rashid and people have been making fun of the PTI government because of this scandal saying that Hareem Shah will be the end of PTI. Recently there was a post by ‘Bhola Record’ on twitter which showed Hareem Shah on the lap of a man but the face of the man is covered with an emoji.

People started getting crazy over who could be the guy with the emoji on the face and who is Hareem Shah with now. It turned out that it was ‘Bhola Record’ the whole time who was going to expose Hareem Shah with himself. Some people are now worried about Hareem Shah that she can also become the next ‘Qandeel Baloch’ who was killed in the name of honor after she got stuck in the controversies of the Molana Sahab. A lot of personal information about Hareem Shah is also being circulated on the internet like the pictures of her passport and her CNIC which can mean that her life is in danger.

It is evident that Hareem Shah is enjoying all the attention she is getting and all the importance that is being given to her by the government and the news channels but something else is also evident that these scandals can be the end of her like they were of Qandeel Baloch. We can only hope that nothing of that sort happens to her, but Hareem Shah should also be careful in her tracks because she is playing in dangerous waters.

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