Sindhi Topi and Sindhi Ajrak History

Sindhi topi and Ajrak represents Sindhi people of Pakistan who live in the province of Sindh. Pakistan is a blessed country with many cultures in its province. Sindhi Topi and Ajrak is the trademark of Sindhi people but many people in our country especially the youth still don’t know about the history of Sindhi Topi and Ajrak.

History of Ajrak

The word Ajrak is derived from an Arabic word azrak which means blue. It is a cloth of 2-3 meters length which is decorated with rich crimson and deep indigo color with the addition of white and black.

Tracing the Origins

Pakistan has four provinces, and all of them has a different culture. Punjab has its specialty while pushtoons have their own identity. Ajrak is a must thing in Sindhi attire, but its history started around 2500 BC- 1500 BC when the statue of the king was quarried from Mohenjo-Daro which had draped a shawl over his shoulder. Egyptians also used Ajrak to cloth their mummies and they imported those shawls from Sindh which they called Sindhin. In 500 BC, this Sindhi Ajrak also Presented to Persian Lind at his crown ceremony.

There are four themes used in Ajrak Preparation which are

  • Teli Ajrak

  • Sabuni Ajrak

  • Do Rangi Ajrak

  • Kori Ajrak

History of Sindhi Topi

Sindhi topi is also had the same importance as Ajrak, and it is an essential thing in Sindhi Attire. The history of Sindhi topi starts before the partition of sub-continent.  It begins with importing silk from Kashmir for making of Sindhi Topi. The designers add a piece of plastic, pearls, glasses to give it an elegant look.  After this era, the phase of collyrium came, the cap of this period was different than that of silk. In this period, the designers used collyrium instead of golden threads or piece of glasses.

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