Sultan Golden Makes a New World Record

Driving a car is not just a necessity. For some people, it is an equal adventure and thrill. You must have seen young lads doing stunts on the highways, but it can be really something fatal and deadly in the presence of the heavy traffic. There are people who are expert in this field. They not just rush the cars but can jump over several others while gearing in the car. One such popular name in this regard is that of Sultan Muhammad who is popular with the title Sultan Golden. The name became popular in the 1980s when he appeared jumping over the bikes in a number of public gatherings. The passion improved and increased and today he has named the world record of being the daredevil who can do the reverse in an equal thrilling way as he used to do the forward rides on the bike or the car.

The rider mentioned on Thursday that while practicing for the upcoming world famous Chitral Shandur Polo Tournament that will take place in Saidu Sharif, he was able to break the record made previously by the American driver. The American star had done reverse riding covering a distance of 58.48 kilometers.

The star rider belongs to Baluchistan and bagged his first record back in 1984 when he took up the challenge of jumping over the 15 cars and then passed through three wooden walls that were set on fire. His name is also written among the most daring riders as he had the heart of crossing the 60 foot long burning tunnel that was lit up in front of the Miner e Pakistan. There has been no competitor of his riding and jumping skills as his performance is still in the memories of those who saw hi jumping over 22 cars in 1987 covering a total distance of 249 feet.

Telling about his future endeavors he says that he is looking forward to three more world records at the shandur festival that is likely to place from 7th to 9th July.

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