Yasir Hussain Proposes Iqra Aziz at Lux Style Awards 2019

The most awaited Lux Style Awards 2019 turned out to be the beginning of the new life of the two popular stars. The Sunday event was a turning point in the life of Yasir Hussain and Iqra Aziz. Their fans heard the news that was equally awaited like the award ceremony. The actor finally approached the cute, adorable and innocent-faced Iqra Aziz. The answer was expected and that was nothing else than a YES.

The news became viral when the co-stars and the media people attending the celebrations posted the video and the snaps on the social media. The most fascinating thing in this respect was the video that showed how the actor proposed the love of her life in a dramatic way and then embraced her passionately.

The viewers and the Instagram followers of Iqra Aziz had already smelled something fishy when Iqra and Yasir joined the red carpet wearing outfit that complemented each other. At the same time, Iqra commented on their Instagram story, “The dress speaks for us.”

The social media video removed the confusion. The video went viral after some time of being released on social media. It shows how Yasir asked his love of life if she was willing to marry him. Iqra without sowing any confusion answered in a yes. Her sparkling eyes and the smile was evident that how desperately she was looking for this moment. The Sunoo Chanda star shared the blissful moments with her man to be in an intimate way. They embraced each other as if they were wishing for a prosperous and happy life.

This event received both criticism and well wishes. The critics did not appreciate the things going public in such a way. The friends and loved ones wished them all the best in the days to come. Their fans have enjoyed the way they exhibited their pleasure.

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Arooj Ahmed
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