Taylor Swift helps Pakistani Student of Ontario University

Pakistan female student of Ontario University received one of the best presents in her life, from her favorite pop star, and that continued her educational process. One year ago, this Pakistani female student, Ayesha Khurram, met Taylor Swift in her concert in Toronto which proved out to be a fun memory. This was the juncture when Ayesha and her family were struggling to pay Ayesha’s tuition fees and she had gone online to seek help.

In an interview with international media, Ayesha stated that she posted on social about how hard it had become for her to complete her education because of the expensive tuition fee. Moreover, in the interview, she had stated that one of her friends asked her to drop her PayPal account so that they could help her. She further stated in her interview that she just posted her PayPal account on the social and after that she said that all she knew was that all her problems had vanished.

Ayesha had received a notification regarding online money transfer from Taylor Nation, LLC of $6,386.47 along with a note from Taylor Swift which stated, “Ayesha, get you learn on, girl! I love you, Taylor!”

Ayesha marked it as an extraordinary event in her life. She said that she was unable to explain this entire happening. She had stated that the Swift was no less than a guardian angel that just appeared magically and instantly removed all of the troubles.

Ayesha said that this was something more than enough. She said that she never ever had dreamt about this in her life and said that she literally spent her night crying. She continued that she never had thought that Taylor Swift would send her money and help her out. She said that Taylor’s gesture was laudable.

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[tn messaged me before the show b/c t herself invited me] walked into the room, she pulls me into a hug – “hey babe” – and i’m literally shaking. she was literally right there in front of my face. i said “please someone call an ambulance”. i was like im **** from tumblr and her jaw dropped to the floOR her eyes poPPed out of her head she was like “YOU ARE!!!! I KNEW IT I KNEW YOU LOOKED FAMILIAR!!!!!!!! you’re so FUNNY? you are SO FUNNY???? tumblr icons are so small but i kNEW it i knew u looked familiar i see ur posts aLL the time??” i was like “hey um i think u want me dead taylor im literally going to dIE in this room” WE WERE ON A FIRST NAME BASIS BROS! AND SHE THREw her head back and laughed so hard and i was like “did i just make taylor swift laugh” her team was laughing at me and i was like “are u sure u see my posts” and she’s like “oh my god yes i just told you that seven times” and i cried halfway thru the conversation she just stops and goes “i’m sure i invited you to preshow” i was like she knows me. SHE REMEMBERED INVITING ME. ppl kept telling her to hurry up and she looked them right in the eye and continued taking her time with us !! we literally spent 15 minutes in there for the picture she pulled me to her side like she wanted me closest but i knew my little sister really wanted the head lean so i stepped aside and stood in the middle and!! taylor!! recognised that!!! and made sure her hand was tightly gripping mine for the picture!! i cried. she also chose our pose because we told her that as 9, 7, and 3 year olds we used to hold hands to the “he knelt to the ground and pulled out a ring” part in love story!!! and after the picture she was all “this is the cutest family picture ever” stop her and then as we were abt to walk out i dont know what came over me but i turned around and said hey can i give u a kiss and she goes on my moUTH? give it on my cheek and im like oh my god…. i meant cheek taylor edskljdfdjkfkdf she is so lame y’all and she like a little girl stepped forward like literally shaking her head from side to side in a dancelike motion letting all three of us give her a kiss on her cheek and then we walked out!!

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