Zong Successful Trial of 5G in Pakistan

The world is progressing very fast in the field of Telecommunication technology. About a decade ago mobile phones were considered a great luxury and there were few people in Pakistan who would be able to purchase it. Since few years mobile phones have become very cheaper along with that they have become more technological advance enabling them to provide more services like internet and strong signals to it customers. The latest technology used by mobile phone connections providers is 4G at the moment.

Among all the mobile phones service providers Zong is the latest company to join the Pakistani market but they have followed the principle of its better late than never by successfully testing the 5G technology in Pakistan. As this service has not been even tested by any South East Asian company. Zong has gained a strong market share since its starting of a business in Pakistan. Zong currently operates with a wide network of more than 13 million 4G users in Pakistan. Also, Zong has more than 11000 4 G poles in Pakistan. This shows the strength of infrastructure Zong has at the moment enabling it to provide the best quality services to its customers in Pakistan.

While announcing this great achievement in a gathering the CEO of Zong said this is the start of a new chapter in the history of Pakistan. And the people of Pakistan will be able to experience a whole new chapter of digital technology. This new achievement by Zong has been welcomed by the general public and many people have shown their interest in switching their mobile networks as the ly want to be the first customers to use the latest technology. It is believed it is not the end but beginning of new competition in Pakistan that which country will be able to launch 6G in which the only winner will be the Nation of Pakistan.

Pakistan gets its first 5G mobile internet service

Arooj Ahmed
Arooj Ahmed

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