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Things Lawn Brands Need to Learn


The lawn is one fabric that you can find throughout the year on stores in Pakistan with the major reason being the hot weather in the country. Women wear lawn each and every day and brands take full advantage by offering new lawn designs every now and then and then putting up a sale on the old collections. This has been the routine that companies are now following every now and then but there are certain things that brands need to look up to and make sure that these things are not repeated in their new lawn collection.


Cloth Size

Brands often offer clothes that can hardly get your suits stitched making it difficult for the tailors as well to stitch a suit.

Same Designs

With new lawn collection coming every 6 months, there are designs that are repeated again and again. These designs need to be avoided or the lawn collection should be introduced after some time only so that there is no repetition.

Stop the Patchwork

Another thing that the brands need to understand is that they need to cut down the patchwork. The patchwork requires care and is only useful when you are buying it for a certain festive occasion only.

Same Trousers Different Dress

Brands are now finding it easy to pair up a Suit with a trouser by using almost identical trousers for every other dress. This makes it repetitive and you end up looking as if you have got only one trouser to wear to any party.


Stitching Designs

Brands often share stitching designs that can be a headache for even the best in the business to make. Brands need to make sure that the designs that they are showing are realistic and can be made by other tailors as well.


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