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Written by Noor
(Last Updated On: 16/08/2019)

Gone are the times when the people used to buy beauty products that came from a particular company. There were also times when brand conscious people used to get their beauty stuff from the countries abroad. With improvement, advancement and the increased courage to experiment the celebrities jumped into the world of beauty products. They were motivated and poised to give the market something extraordinary. Actually, these were the people who were considered as the fashion divas and the style gurus. As a result, a wide range of products was introduced in the market. The key celebrities that have become popular for their beauty products over the past few years are as follows:

  1. Masarrat Misbah is a world-acclaimed beautician. Her name is associated with the renowned beauty salon Depilex. Making use of her expertise she came up with the line of products with the title MM Makeup. The most popular among these is the silk foundation known with the name loyal fanbase.
  2. Official Website: https://www.masarratmakeup.com/us/

  1. Nabila is another popular name in the beauty industry. She is the beautician whose makeup skills were seen behind the on-screen beauty of many great stars of the entertainment world. She has introduced her popular products with the title Zero Makeup kit. The natural hues, not too loud match the skin tones of the residents thus making them look inspiring and beautiful.
  2. Official Website: http://www.nabila.net/

  1. Komal Rizvi started off her journey as a musical maestro. TrulyKomal is evident of her skills at colors, beauty, and glamour. Her three core beauty products include skin nourishing cream, sunblock, and skin health serum.
  2. Official Website: https://www.komalrizvi.com/

  1. Atiqa Odho is an actress turned beautician. Her presence on the screen itself was a sign of beauty and glamour. She reminded her audience of the Greek goddesses of beauty. She poured in her personal choice and the international beauty standards together and created the unmatched range of lipsticks and blush on with the brand name Atiqa Odho.
  2. Official Website: http://www.odhocosmetics.com/

  1. Nadia Hussain is a model turned beautician. Just like her skills on the fashion ramp she has proved her worth as a beautician too. The top beauty stores all over the country are now filled with her range of beauty products called NH Bling.
  2. Official Website:

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