Veena Malik & Sania Mirza Fight on Twitter

Pakistan versus India was the most anticipated match of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 with millions of people watching it. However, the match turned out to be one-sided as India easily went past Pakistan. Once the match ended there were pictures and video clips circulating on social media that several Pakistani players including Shoaib Malik, along with wife Sania Mirza, were spotted at a Sheesha café just hours before the match. This didn’t go down well with the fans who started bashing the players on social media. Actress Veena Malik also joined the bandwagon but she wasn’t targeting the players, rather she was involved in an ugly Twitter spat with Sania Mirza.

Veena Malik in her tweet wrote that she is worried for Sania’s son as she took him to a Sheesha café which can be injurious for the kid. Veena in her tweet said that athletes should take care of themselves rather than going to cafes to enjoy junk food and sheesha. She questioned Sania about her motherhood and being an athlete as well. Veena Malik’s tweet didn’t go well with Sania who replied that her son was not with her at the Sheesha café and it’s not anyone’s business whether she cares about her son or not.

Sania further said that she is not the dietician of the Pakistan cricket team and the team knows the best what they should be doing. Sania also tweeted about Veena Malik’s famous ISI photoshoot but later deleted that tweet. The drama ended when Sania eventually blocked Veena Malik on Twitter in order to end the dispute. Veena said that Sania is a public figure and people will take their pictures if they are sitting at cafes. She said that if Sania Mirza wants to avoid getting clicked, then she should stay indoors.

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