Woman Name Anila Claims to be Hamza Ali Abbasi’s First Wife

It is the wedding season for celebrities as different celebs are getting married where we saw cricketer Hassan Ali and Imad Wasim getting married along with actor Hamza Ali Abbasi. It was the wedding of Hamza Ali Abbasi with Naimal Khawar that actually stole the show as the two set an example of decency by not spending lavishly at their wedding and doing it in a simple and elegant way. It was one of those weddings that didn’t create a lot of noise but still managed to get a lot of attention due to the simplicity with which the wedding event happened.

But things turned around quickly as a woman named Anila Veryamani said that she is the first wife of Hamza Ali Abbasi and that Hamza had disappeared after having nikkah with her. The mysterious lady also said that Hamza Ali Abbasi told him that his name was Jahanzeb Khan and that she has been searching for him since 1999. This wasn’t done here as the lady continued to bash Hamza and then involved Naimal Khawar and Hania Aamir in it. In other tweets, she said that Naimal and Hania played the game together to take Hamza away from her and he was brainwashed to marry Naimal.

Anila further said that she contacted Hamza who said that she can go to hell and he has nothing to do with her. While the story of Anila obviously sounds a bit fishy, people were quick to respond to her claims with all the memes that they could make. A lot of grammar Nazis pointed out on the English mistakes that Anila did while tweeting all these things while some of the Twitter police asked for evidence from her before making any sort of claims as it can ruin someone’s married life.

Arooj Ahmed
Arooj Ahmed

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