15 Dramas on Social Issues


If you are bored and looking to watch something different then watch any of them!


1) Khuda Mera Bhi Hai:

Ayesha Khan and Jibran Khan’s casted drama tells the story about a mother who raises a transgender from child to the businessman that cost her separation, divorce but brought her near to closed ones too much. Faizan Qureshi played the character of transgender, Noor. The drama showed the struggle of him that how society treated him and how he managed to come out it.

2) Udaari:

Farhan Saeed and Urwa Hocane’s drama serial depicted the issues of sexual harassment in which little was harassed by Ahsan Khan who was financially stable and support of politicians. It depicted how dancers and singers are side-eyed in our society.

3) Cheekh:

Cheekh is different from other dramas made on harassment because it showed that money makes a person influential and how such personalities are free to do heinous crimes in our society. The plot of drama is That Ushna Shah was murdered by Bilal Abbas Khan but being the brother of business tycoon who had contacts and dashing personality, he remained safe until Saba Qamar decided to fight the case herself.


4) Akhri Station:

If you want to what is happening in every part of our country with women, then watch Akhri Station. It is a seven episodes long drama in which seven women are traveling together in a train. The tale of women are told one by one in every following episode. The drama covered the topics of depressions, harassment, prostitution, HIV, refugee, and many others.

5) Baaghi:

Although, Baaghi was based on Qandeel Baloch who was known for her attention-seeking videos, depicted the soft side of YouTube star that what she had faced in life to get money and house. It showed how much she had struggled to earn for her parents and fulfill her siblings’ wishes.

6) Muqabil:

Mohsin Abbas Haider debuted in the drama industry with this drama serial in which he played the role of a timid guy who gets married to a girl (Kubra Khan) who was raped by his father (Raza Mir)- the man who worked in girl’s house for her mother.

7) Ranja Ranjha Kardi:

Iqra Aziz and Imran Ashraf’s drama showed what we actually think about people and their families who are janitors and how we think that they are not respectable. Iqra Aziz played the character of Noori, a daughter of a janitor who had affair with Jibra Khan- a middle-class man from respectable, to marry him to get rid of daily insults but Jibran Khan left her because of being daughter of janitor due to which her godmother marry her to mentally unstable man, Bhola. The drama showed how poverty of parents force them to sell their daughters and how the children are forced to leave the place to get into less deep well.

8) Ishq Zehnaseeb:

Zahid Ahmed’s drama collection is always different. Ishq Zahnaseeb is psychological drama that depict the story of rich guy who is suffering from Dissociative Identity Disorder or Multiple Personality Disorder. The person is showed to have two different personalities: Sameer and Sameera. The personality of Sameera has been shown interfering in married life of guy. Sonia Hassan is shown as wife of Zahid Ahmed who is trying to sort out everything.

9) Khaani:

Khaani showed how power is used negatively in our society. In the serial, Feroz Khan murdered Sana Javed’s brother because he said “Yar” to him when they had some argument on roaddue to which the sisters file FIR against him and how things turned upside down for happy family into melancholy.

10) Meray Pass Tum Ho:

We have seen so many dramas like Bewafai and others in which men are shown cheaters but Meray Pass Tum Ho is the serial which shows that woman can be cheater as well. In drama Humayun Saeed is showed caring and loving husband but Ayeza Khan is shown as materialistic person who take divorce from him to live with rich man who love her but do not respect her as Danish (Humayun Saeed)

11) Meri Guriya:

Meri Guriya gave goosebumps to every viewers with the reality it showed that no one is safe in our country even at their homes too. The storyline was that a man who seem timid and shy raped an innocent child at night. It showed how Sania Saeed struggled to get justice to her child that resulted in the execution of rapist- Mohsin Abbas Haider, in front of public.

12) Ruswai:

The drama has been showing aftermath of rape. In drama, Sana Javed was kidnapped by goons who raped her and left her body in bushes. She filed FIR aginst goons but his fiancé- Mikal Zulfiqar, and family members requested to cancel FIR because it would be disrespectful for family. The drama has been showing that how her being rape victim is making her married life terrible and how it is disturbing his brother’s married life too.

13) Aisi Hai Tanhai:

It is little different from others. It showed how phones have made us insecure. In drama serial, Sonya Hassan sent private pictures to her boyfriend- Sami Khan, but the pictures leaked when her phone was stolen. The leaking odd pictures caused breakup between the lovers and divorce of her sister sue to which Sonya’s mother poisoned her and left her in hospital where janitor raped her. She struggled to get justice.

14) Damsa:

Damsa is about a girl who was kidnapped by a mafia who blind children or make them cripple to make them to beg. It has been showing struggle of mother who is searching for her daughter everywhere.

15) Besharam:

Saba Qamar and Zahid Ahmed’s serial took the heart of many people. It showed what is the perception of the common man about modeling and acting and Zahid Ahmed was shown to have the same perception due to which he married her on the show and forced her to leave her occupation to make her as he wanted him to be.

16)Chup Raho:

ARY Digital Drama Serial Chup Rahu. Its story revolves around Rameen (Sajal Ali) who comes from Islamabad to Karachi along with her parents to meet her sister and brother-in-law Numair (Syed Jibran) who is shown to have lustful eyes upon her.

So, these are top drama serials that talked and have been talking about different social issues. Damsa, Ruswai, Ishq Zehnaseeb, and Meray Pass Tum Ho are being on aired nowadays but rest are completed. You can watch them on YouTube.

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