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Rahat Fateh Ali Khan is another synonym of music. His songs do not leave a stone to reach on top. Take an example of all films. Films might get flop or hit, but his songs win hearts of all listeners all the time. This week has the birthday of our loving singer, who keep on making us proud with his voice. So why don’t we celebrate it by downloading his best songs and playing it numerous times to give him more likes and praise him indirectly?


Rahat Fateh Ali Khan was born in Faislabad on 9th of December in 1974. His family has been in Qawwali for six centuries. His father, Farrukh Fateh Ali Khan, and grandfather, Fateh Ali Khan, were also Qawwali singers. His uncle, because of whom he got fame in early years- Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, was renowned Qawwali Singer who was heard by English; although, they did not understand his language. Yet, they left with appreciating him and praising him for his work. Madonna even expressed her wish to work with him. The lady was also present with her fellow singers in his last US Qawwali Show and was unable to stop herself to say his voice “WOW”.

However, when he was asked if the path was easy to achieve success because of being desendent of Qawwali singers, he refused. He explained that India is kind towards singers by getting numerous projects like 100 songs and 16 films but other countries are not that kind like that.


Furthermore, he told about his field and said that it is very important for singers to be aware of everything because it is very difficult to know that who is faking and who is honest. He said that it is not easy to know who is doing politics to make you fall down and who is helping you out. He gave example of his show at Manhattan. He said that it was very stressful because of mismanagement of team but the noble peace Prize show was easy because of decent management.

Currently, the soft representative of whole sub-continent has 15 member long team in Dubai, Pakistan and India. He is even preparing to bring his son in the field of singing of singing as well. According to him, he is more passionate than him.

That’s what I have come to knaow about Birthday man and his life. Now scroll down and get to know the list of songs.

Rahat Fateh Coke Studio Songs:

Dil Tou Bacha Hai Ji:

Vidya Balan and Nasuddin Shah’s Ishqiya’s famous song was one of the most listened song of India in the period 2011 and 2012. It received FilmFare Award and Star Screen Award.

Tere mast mast Dou nain:

Salman Khan’s blockbuster movie, Dabang, has many songs but this one stole the hearts of many listeners. It revied IIFA awards.

Jag Soona Soona Lagay:

Om Shanti Om’s jag soona soona lagay can be added in your sad songs playlist to relive yourselves with the soothing voice.

Tum Jo Aaye:

Tum Jo Aaye of Once Upon A Time in Mumbai can bring smile and flush of all stress easily with its music and Rahat’s loving voice.

Bol na Halke Halke:

Bol na Halke Halke and its poetic and ghazal like lyrics can overwhelm you the most in minutes.

Teri Ore:

However, Singh is King is very old, its Teri Ore is ever-green. Download it and listen while traveling.


My Name is Khan is favorite of many movie lovers but if you miss this movie a lot, then refresh your memories by listening Sajda once again.

Teri Meri:

Bodyguard’s Lovely amazed every lady and girl! So dear ladies download Teri Meri and remember this movie forever.

Surili Ankhion Walay:

Although Veer was not that popular, its Surili Ankhion is still very popular because of Khn’s voice.

Aaj Din Chadeya:

If you are looking to listen something different, then download Aaj Din Chahedya of Love Aaj Kal and amaze yourself!

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