5 Pakistani Classic Dramas to Watch Through Lockdown



Although Tanhaiyaan is the drama of 1980s, it is gold and fresh to watch forever, the drama is the story of who girls- Shahnaz Sheikh and Marina Khan, who get orphaned then brought up by relatives. The drama tales you the need and importance of materialistic things and relations. However, the title seems heart-wrenching, the drama is humorous in which there were Behroz Sabzwari, Qazi Wahid, Asif Raza Mir, Badar Khalil, and many others.


Tanhaiyaan OST:

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Dastaan is based on the time of the 1940s when Muslims and Hindus were struggling to build Pakistan and India. The drama tells the tale of two Muslim families who have different political ideologies but their children love each other. However, the family was ready to tie the knot of husband and wife but the riots broke them apart so much that when the groom met her after a long time when he was already with somebody else. Dastaan has three main characters: Bano (Sanam Baloch), Hassan (Fawad Afzal Khan) and Rabia (Mehreen Raheel).

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Mora Piya

The drama of 2013 was the tale of two upper-middle-class families whose petite lady, Ujaala, and investigative journalist, Faisal, loves each other but the band of flower of affection shattered when Ujaala hap gang rape on the of her marriage after the ceremony by the land mafia group who had arguments with her husband. Rape did not break the love bond but the child that was born after the rape as he was not the child of Faisal.


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Bashar Momin


If you want a drama serial that would have all emotions: love, jealousy, hate, and sadness then Bashar Momin should be your first choice. The most expensive drama is the story about Faisal Qureshi and his extremely rich family who fell in love with upper-middle families. Faisal Qureshi aka Bashar Momin fall in love with Ushna Shah who is the sister-in-law of his sister while the youngest sister falls in love with the groom of Ushna Shah.

Bashar Momin Ost

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Unlike Pre-partition based melancholy filled Aangan of Hum Tv, Aagan of ARY is a humorous drama in which three brothers live together with their parents in a large mansion. Each brother had a wife of a different mindset. The eldest brother’s wife is traditional but the manager of the house while the last brothers have a modern and very typical wife who doesn’t talk and use pathetic words. The three brothers had two sisters, the eldest sisters whispered in mother’s ears all the time while the youngest sister, Mansha Pasha, is innocent 25-year old “Nand” of them.

Angan Ost:

Angan Drama Serial:

So, watch all of them in coronavirus vacation and lighten your mood!

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