Suno chanda will Back Again in Ramadan

Suno Chanda a name that resonates around this time of the year through the ears of every Pakistani drama industry lover. The comedy series has everyone waiting each day in Ramzan every year since its first episode was aired in 2018. Jiya and Arsal are the characters people aren’t going to forget anytime soon unlike other comedy characters or plays on the screen. Not only these two, but other supporting characters like DJ, and Bi-Jaan are also absolutely loved by the audience.

The airing of such a fresh kind of comedy every day at 8pm during Ramzan comes as a breather to many after long day of fasting in summers and especially to women making Iftars and doing the dishes. This family comedy gives a chance to them not only to unwind but also to spend quality family time while getting entertained. Retaining the audience’s familiarity with the old characters and overall feel of the seasons 1, Hum TV yet managed to bring fresh content to the table in season 2 by introducing new characters and sub-plots as well as the progression of Arsal-Jiya love story in their after-wedding life.

Considering the situation in the country or around the world, people want to watch this Tom and Jerry (Arsal and Jiya) more than ever as they are quarantined in their homes. Farhan Saeed and Iqra Aziz Hussain who played the lead characters Arsal and Jiya are being bombarded by fans of Suno Chanda with questions and messages if they will get to watch Season 3 this Ramzan. While the inside news is that Season 3 is in the works, it will be on aired next Ramzan and the audience will not be able to watch it this year. However, Farhan Saeed wants you to take a recap of both the previous seasons this Ramzan. He broke the news through his Instagram account where fans had been asking him day in and day out about Suno Chanda that although it was unplanned, Hum TV will be airing Season 1 and 2 this time every day. He also hinted towards the sequel of the comedy as he asked the fans to take a recap.

Though the audience had been eagerly waiting to hear the news about season 3, it won’t mind rewatching the 1st and 2nd as long as they are sure that their wait for the 3rd dead will be over by the next Ramzan.

Arooj Ahmed
Arooj Ahmed

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