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82 percent Population Support PTI Regarding Coronavirus

News channels, politicians, world leaders and organizations are busy in talking about COVID-19. World Powers are blaming each other while Pakistan is having a different politics on the pandemic. Federal government announce one thing while provincial government install their opinions in their respective provinces. That’s the reason why the nation is confused what will happen but they support the ruling party, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf!

Recently, Abdul Aleem Khan, the senior Punjab Minister, said that 82 percent people told in Gallup surveys that they are satisfied with the performance of government and the steps they are taking to curb the pandemic.

Mr. Aleem further told that 22 percent of the population of the country has given positive feedbacks and remarks to the PTI and the government about their efforts; therefore, it is pleasing to know that the authorities has been dealing with the coronavirus pandemic properly and actively despite it is a developing country.

Hence, the minister said that due to handling the pandemic properly, the government would ease the lockdown or lift some restrictions to focus on economy because it is not possible to keep the industries closed for longtime. He told that developed countries are also unable to continue lockdown because of plunging economy of their countries; therefore, federal and Punjab government has been designing and will implement “flexible rules” to keep the economy stable and nation healthy.

The minister of Punjab has appreciated the nation for being cooperative with the government and show responsible attitude during the pandemic. Mr. Aleem told the nation that the good news to receive in this situation is 2.5 percent of increment in exports of the country. However, he showed sadness over the attitude of opposition government. The minister said that opposition government has criticized the federal government instead of supporting and cooperating with them.

Gallup Pakistan is social research lab. It is affiliated with Gallup International. The lab conducts surveys via phone, question answers and internet to get results that would assist government to improve different sectors of the state. Recently, the organization has conducted numerous surveys on Pakistani courts which cover the details of how many people are having cases in courts right now and how long it would take to get the final result. Gallup Pakistan, currently, is conducting researches on coronavirus pandemic and its waves.

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