Jeeto Pakistan League Ramazan Special

Usually, Pakistanis have Ramadan transmission of different channels to enjoy Ramadan and have some light things to watch but coronavirus pandemic has snatched away the gun and left them to watch boring transmissions yet there are doors of creativity that make this boring time full of fun. That’s the reason why there is now Fahad Mustafa’s Jeeto Pakistan League that’s has been gluing eyes of viewers and giving them some competitive thing to watch that can entertain them and give them the opportunity to take part in it as well.

Pemra permitted channels to have transmission but they cannot have the audience. Therefore, the viewers’ favorite show, Jeeto Pakistan, started something different. Instead of having individual food eating and quiz-like competitions, the show has started Jeeto Pakistan League. The competition has five teams. Each team represents a specific city. The teams of the competition are Peshawar Station, Quetta Knights, Karachi Lions, Lahore Falcons, and Islamabad Dragons. Five celebrities are captain of each team. Shaista Lodhi is the captain of Peshawar Station while Sarfaraz Ahmed leads Quetta Knights whereas Humayun Saeed, Adnan Siddiqui, and Sana Javed are heads of Karachi Lions, Lahore Falcons, and Islamabad Dragons, respectively in the currently going on game.

In the competition, two teams play against each other everyday like in cricket. They are given different tasks to complete. If Islamabad has made salad in 30 seconds then the competing team would have to prepare it in 29 seconds to beat the team and get points. However, captains do not come on the ground to play. Their people complete the task. The viewers can be their part by contacting Jeeto Pakistan or by calling at the show. Captains can help their people in the task to accomplish it faster and give tough competition to the competitor in the game.

Currently, Peshawar Station is leading by achieving nine points while Quetta has achieved seven points. Sana Javed’s Islamabad is at third position right bow with six points while Karachi and Lahore have four and two points. Peshawar has won four matches while the Quetta and Islamabad have won three matches. However, Karachi and Lahore managed to win a match each only. Lahore Falcons has record of losing the highest number of matches, five. Quetta and Karachi lost three matches and Peshawar and Islamabad were unable to win two matches each till May 8 in the Ramadan Transmission game.

The competition will be carried on till the end day of Ramadan. It is a creative way to get TRPs and viewership in this time of the pandemic. Kudos to the whole team of Jeeto Pakistan for this creativity. Yet, the team can come up with something different or can use their creativity to assist the government and NGOs to fulfill the needs of needy people in this tough time because there is a need to cooperate with the ruling party now to keep our country normal. They can do something to increase the number of PPEs and food to help doctors and poor people.

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