China to Sponsor Smart Universities in Pakistan

Under the project of China Pakistan Economic Corridor, China will give Rs. 2 billion to Pakistan to accomplish the project of transforming universities into smart universities that would have advanced technologies and promote distance learning to grow the country economically and socially.

According to the publication, the program will transform 50 public universities in the first phase. Higher Commission Education said that the countries agreed in 2015 to fulfill the project. The HEC further said that the project started in 2016 and it will end in 2024 in which universities will get Wifi coverage and more bandwidth to provide advanced technology to students.

According to, the news website of China, the project aims to expand the academics outside the universities so that students can attend classes far from the universities. The website further says that bringing digitization in universities will make the universities attractive for students that will bring the countries near and promote the culture of the two nations.

As per the agreement, the project will transform 140 public universities and turn 400 classrooms into smart classrooms. In the initial phase, it is decided to convert 200 classrooms.

China and Pakistan have taken a long-sighted decision that will give lots of benefits after ten years, but it is better to work on public schools and improve their situation because the majority of the students cannot go to school. The more we will develop our schools, the more we will have kids in colleges and universities. The two nations can make an agreement to launch teacher training centers with Durban, the only organization in Pakistan that talks about teacher education, or they can make a decision to eradicate the ghost schools and launch policies that support bringing digitization, personalization, and creativity in classrooms. The countries can implement the strategies of Finland and China to improve the education system and classrooms of primary and secondary level.

Arooj Ahmed
Arooj Ahmed

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