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Maulana Tariq Jameel Apologize to Media Anchors


The renowned cleric and Islamic scholar of Pakistan, Maulana Tariq Jameel sb, apologized on live TV for calling media “liars” and saying that immodestly dressed women have caused a pandemic in Telethon that has created boom on the internet for days, on Friday.


The scholar said that due to slip of tongue, he gave negative comments and said something incorrect. He said that it happened with him when he speaks a lot at a time.

The government organized the “Telethon Ehsas Program” recently in which Maulana Tariq Jameel sb was invited to make dua. The government invited journalists and reporters in the program too. After the speech of Prime Minister Imran Khan and other ceremonies, the scholar was given a chance to make prayer as his prayer has been praised a lot around the country. Before making a dua, Maulana Tariq sb said that all media houses are “liars”. He told on television that one of the channels asked the cleric to give them some advice on which he asked the mainstream channel to stop airing incorrect news. The channel said that the practice of twisting news stories and facts would not end even if the channel starts following his advice.


Moreover, the Islamic celebrity said that women who dress immodestly are the cause of the virus and coronavirus pandemic. Furthermore, the scholar asked media persons and the PM if they have thought about how we would face the Day of Judgment because of our wrongdoings.

However, anchorpersons did not get the chance to question the scholar, the celebrities expressed their opinions on Social media. Hamid Mir tweeted that it is irresponsible to give generalized statements about all media houses. He further wrote that Maulana Tariq had the same opinions about the cabinets of Nawaz Sharif in the 1990s as well.

Besides, the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) wrote on Twitter that it is not acceptable to objectify someone and create misogyny.

Maulana Tariq Jameel made an apology in which he said that there was no reason behind that slip of the tongue but he did not tell the name of the channel that asked him for advice.

Maulana Tariq Jameel is one of the most acclaimed scholars of Pakistan. The majority of the public listen to his lectures but it does not mean that he does not have the right to make mistakes. It is right that spoke wrong but we should accept his apology if he has realized his mistake and ask for forgiveness because our religion teaches us to be flexible and forgiver.

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