PCB Suspends Ahmed Godil

A few days have passed to the beginning of the Pakistan Super League but the controversies and news are at peak. The misbehavior of Ali Azmat and his saying that Aki Zadar bought bloggers to defame PSL 5’s anthem and then there is the be s of Ahmed Godil.

Ahmed Godil, PSL’s most famous host who got fame because of trolling and bullying, was suspended by Pakistan Cricket Board or PCB on Saturday.

According to Behtareen.pk’s interview, the host got the message at 12 pm when he was leaving for a show that the board did not need his services because he spoke on channels that PCB did not allow him to play Ali Zafar’s anthem. The host further said in an interview to an online news portal that he is an artist and VJ and it is better to support Pakistan’s talent instead of backlashing. The VJ also said that he supports Ali Zadar and the case against him was not proved.

Ahmed Godil posted a video that went viral in which he said that he was not the host of the show, Fakhr e Alan. He said that he was called on stage to entertain the audience without informing him that he would come on TV and also script was not given to him or his gestures and body language would be different. In different posts and videos, he also said that it was the mistake of PSL and PCB that they have mismanagement. Furthermore, he stated that the company for he worked 10 hours because of the event has fired me because I spoke for Ali Zafar. According to him, the reason was stupid. He said that they could reason that I am unprofessional or indiscipline. The host expressed his opinion that he worked hard for him but when he was bullied and trolled, his company did not support and instead it fired him and ruined his career.

Since the program was hosted by Ahmed Godil, the host was trolled and bullied on the whole internet. However, celebrities and numerous users of Twitter and Facebook supported him and request people not to make fun of him but the case has gone too further.

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