Ali Zafar- Controversy of PSL V : Although, not Part of PSL 5

Although Ali Zafar is not part of Pakistan Super League 5 or PSL 5, he is still in news and might remain in the hot topic for a week.

Recently, Ali Azmat- the singer of this year’s PSL anthem, said that the song is disliked because one of the singers bought bloggers to defame it in an interview with Waseem Badami in Had Lamha Purjosh. When the host asked him if the singer sang anthems of previous PSLs, the rockstar agreed. The singer expressed his opinions that there are many reasons why people do not like the song. He explained only of them, hiring bloggers. However, he was asked to explain how he could say that about Ali Zafar indirectly. The host said that the actor was trending when the anthem was released on which Mr. Zafar tweeted and ask his fans to show same love towards other singers. He showed that tweet and ask the guest to present his point of view on which Mr. Azmat said that he would ask Zafar to remain happy.

On Saturday, Badami called Zafar on the show via telephone to ask him that PCB unallowed to play his songs in-stadium according to Ahmed Godil- the host in the ceremony. The singer said that he did not know anything about it yet he said that he worked for the PCB on minimum pay to make everyone happy. He was also asked to give his opinions on what Azmat said about it on which he said that Ali Azmat was his senior and he did not know who has said such things about him to Azmat. In the end, Waseem Badami suggests him why don’t he makes a song for PSL and launch it on social media because PSL is the brand of Pakistan as the singer said himself. Ali Zafar replied that he would love to make a song but he also did not want to hurt anyone. Badami said that if people voted to have your song then he would make it. He further said that he would do a poll and call the singer again and ask him to make it.

YouTube video
YouTube video
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