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PM Imran Khan Ehsaas Emergency Program


In the world of chaos where every other person has so many tensions and responsibilities that we forget to pay attention to people who are in our surroundings except family. There are people in our locality who might need your help in the form of finance or food or health which we are unable to see because of our schedule or because of being too satisfied with our life that we forget that there are some people who need our attention to achieve basic necessities.


Thus, society is run by the community. That’s there is a need for a community health workers model that work efficiently at the time of need systematically.

The community health workers model has been always successful therefore, developed countries picked it too and praise the efforts of the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan for starting “Ehsaas” which means “empathy”. The welfare program is started by the PM with the aim to transform the lives of millions of Pakistanis by creating social safety by providing them basic necessities and protection.

Pakistan has been facing tons of issues related to corruption, education, health, society, and many others. Unlike the majority of the developed and developing nations, Jinnah’s land has the poliovirus epidemic still.


Ehsaas has been established with an objective to sort out these issues to create a well-educated, humble and secure society for the nation of Pakistan. Therefore, there has been the enforcement of 134 policies to sort out corruption to opportunities of academics and jobs to providing homes to senior citizens of the state.

Ehsaas has been working under the leadership of Dr. Sania Nishtar. She is the Special Assistant of Pakistan on Poverty Alleviation and Protection. The lady is working with PM to turn it into a multi-sectoral approach to accomplish the goals made under the umbrella of the welfare program.

However, the program was not implemented instantly. The PM told the nation about it via media that presented a way of achieving maximum transparency and openness in public policy.

The writer of “Turning the World Upside Down” says that there is a need to learn from the cross-sectoral structure of Pakistan and its government that has a focus on empowerment which understands the role of other factors in making a state successful.

Ehsaas will be profitable for low, rich and middle-class societies of the country that make it an exemplary model and program for other countries of the world.

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  • Sariya Ahmed on 16/06/2021

    I live in London and would like to make a large donation to Ehsaas Pk. Please can you provide me with bank account and sort code.


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