“FARISHTA” by TAHER SHAH: Taher Shah Returns With New Song ‘Farishta’

‘Why do you do this, Taher Shah? Why?’ It’s not us. It is everyone since yesterday as Pakistan’s ‘sensational’ singer (as he calls himself) Taher Shah has released a new song “Farishta” after the span of four years. Taher Shah released his first song ‘Eye to Eye’ in 2013 and rose to fame for its criticism. In 2016, he released another song ‘Angel’ for which he was trending on Twitter not only in Pakistan but India and UK as well. Some made lauded him for being brave enough for releasing Angel after having met criticism for Eye to eye while for others it provided good entertainment as they made fun of lyrics, composition and visuals.

What a good number of people are wondering is that why did it take him four years to translate his previous song as the lyrics of his new song ‘Farishta’ is almost translation of his last song ‘Angel’. What’s different in Farishta are the visuals. Comparisons are being drawn as people can’t decide if the previous ones in which features Taher Shah in a floor-length purple gown with a diamond tiara and his long curly hair locks is more bizarre or the latest video animation which could have been created much better by even any amateur artist. While his songs may render us sleepless for a night or two, the social media posts regarding the songs give everyone good laughter therapy.

The best one so far is its comparison with coronavirus. Debates are also being started yet again about why anyone in their right senses would make such absurd and nonsensical music. It has been only a day to the release of the song, and it has gained views above 200k already on Youtube and is trending on it. Although viewership of Taher Shah’s song Angel was also in millions, not many people know that he received death threats because of it too.

It is extremely daring of him to come up with this piece of art (if we are allowed to call it so) after some rest. Let us not forget that no matter what kind of work anyone decides to produce in his respective genre, we should remain in our moral boundaries and not make fun of anyone’s personal or make sure that our fun moments do not become life-threatening for someone.

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Arooj Ahmed
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