Saudi Halt Pak to Make Hajj Agreement

Since coronavirus hit the world, everything has changed. Olympics were postponed. Singer and celebrities died of it. PSL-5′ s semifinal and final matchers were decided to play on November. The only thing which is not canceled or postponed is Expo 2020 but Dubai is worry about it how will they be able to gather 20 million visitors in the business event. Thus, to keep themselves away from such anxiety and tension, Saudi Arabia told Pakistan not to Hajj Agreement in the amid of the pandemic.

The Hajj minister of KSA wrote letter to the minister for Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony of Pakistan in which Dr. Saleh Bin Taher Benten wrote that there ought not to be Hajj agreement between the two countries until the infection is over or minimum. Therefore, the recipient was asked not to make arrangement of transportation and accommodation for the pilgrims who are selected to perform Hajj this year.

While addressing Noor-ul Haq Qadri, the minister wrote that the country is taking steps to halt the spread of virus due to which they have asked Jinnah’s land to stop the process of making agreement 1441. Yet, he ensured in the letter, received on Thursday, that Saudi Arabia will inform Pakistan if they will take any step or make any decision related to pilgrims and process of Hajj. Moreover, Mr. Benten wrote to minister that the country is trying to monitor the situation in KSA to make everything better to be able to call people to offer pray. In the end, the Dr. Saleh clarified Mr. Qadri that the soul purpose of asking Pakistan not to make Hajj agreement is safety of pilgrims.

Recently, there were rumors about the cancelation of Hajj. Mr. Benten confirmed that they have not cancelled it yet by considering the news fake. He assured that the authority has delayed agreement making process bit there will be minimum chances to cancel the Hajj.

Hajj is the largest prayer of Islam in which million of Muslims gather in Saudi Arabia to offer prayer. It is offered 10th and 11th of ZilHajj. The cancellation of the prayer will effect Muslims and selected pilgrims psychologically because it is considered as way to get tranquility and composure in the eyes of citizens and Muslims.

Hence, it can be hoped that won’t be cancelled otherwise Ummah will be traumatized mentally.

Arooj Ahmed
Arooj Ahmed

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