Antibodies of Recovered Corona Patients can Cure Covid-19

By Arooj Ahmed — Published on 29/03/2020

Since the coronavirus spread its web over the world, the globe is turmoiled by its effects physically, financially, psychologically and socially. Besides, the patients of the virus that attack on respiratory system severely have been affected the most as they cannot touch their loved ones and have to express their affection by keeping them distant. Therefore, the world is working to make the vaccine of airborne COVID-19.


Recently, the renowned hematologist suggested using antibodies, present in the blood, of recovered patients to recover new patients of the pandemic that has taken 10,000 lives around the world and made around 500,000 people to suffer from it.

The head of the National Institute of Blood Diseases, Dr. Tahir Shamsi told Express Tribune that recovered patients have antibodies in their blood which could be used to improve the immunity of new patients of COVID-19 for recovery.

The doctor further said that it the process will be called as passive immunisation which was discovered in 1890. Mr. Shamsi said that the technique is utilized when there are chances to have the maximum spreading of the infection and immune system of the patients do not have time to generate an immune response. The hematologist said that the method can be used to save “precious lives”. The head gave the example of China, where is it is believed the pandemic is originated, that the doctors of China have used this technique to treat patients.


Dr. Shamsi said that it is believed that the convalescent plasma of recovered patients has ample of antibodies that is needed to fight against the infection of the respiratory system.

The fatal coronavirus, called as SARS-CoV-2 in medical lexion, has infected more than 300,000 worldwide since it started to spread outside China by the last days of December, last year. However, the first country that came in the turmoil of it fought successfully against it by taking strict precautionary measures while other countries have been affected severely of it.

Thus, the technique of passive immunisation seemed the solution of the problem to health practitioners in the United States. Therefore, the administration of Donald Trump has been given the solution to grant permission to use the method of extracting plasma of recovered patients to recover new patients in the states of New York and Baltimore for the upcoming few weeks, said the hematologist.

Yet, it can be hoped that the method would bring reduction and depletion in the numbers of patients fast so that the world can carry out its activities and run it.

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