Travel to Turkey Without Visa for 90 Days : Turkey Visa on Arrival

We all love to travel and look here and there to see if there are any traveling opportunities for cheap! That’s the reason why we look for foreign scholarships and fellowships! After all, they give us a chance to explore another corner of the world. However, now you don’t have to sacrifice another hour to search for other countries and traveling services because Turkey knows what you think!

Because of having better relations with Turkey and Tayyeb Erdogan, Pakistanis have some perks. They can visit the country, situated between Asia and Europe, for 90 days without Visa if they have OFFICIAL PAKISTANI VISA. Yet, the people can only travel for traveling and some other light purposes otherwise it is required to get permission from the embassy if a person is going because of work and study because in such cases, there will be the need for official letters and complete check and balance.

To travel to Turkey for traveling and commute for 90 days, you just need the internet to fill the form. You need to have two pictures and a bank statement of three months because Turkey is more expensive than Pakistan so that the country can assure that if you are able to spend $60 each day. E-Visa is enough to go there for traveling for three months. Yet, it is important that a person’s passport should be valid for half a year at least otherwise problems will be created. Besides, your workplace statement and the educational statement is necessary so that the consultant makes sure if you are not going turkey to live there for years. They accept only those applications who have a better position in the office or financially stable so that they would not seek application to permit them to live there for years.

Furthermore, you will need to have a health insurance certificate- they are afraid if you would not spread coronavirus there, hotel bookings, poliovirus certificates, and consent letter.

Turkey is a must-to-go place. It’s Blue Mosque, Ottoman Empire related places, and all mosques and paintings are must-see. So, fill all forms, get all certificates and employment letters and go there for three months. Have a good and memorable flight!

Arooj Ahmed
Arooj Ahmed

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