Pakistani Film “Tich Button” Teaser, Cast and OST

The movie Tich Button’s teaser has left the audience asking for more. By its teaser, it is promising us true entertainment and we can’t wait for it, right? Tich Button is an upcoming comedy romantic movie starring Suno Chanda actors Farhan Saeed, Iman Aly, Sonya Hussain, and Feroze Khan. What someone could ask for more when we have our favorite celebrities in one frame? Moreover, Farhan Saeed already stole our hearts by his phenomenal acting in Suno Chanda and Feroze Khan amuses us by his stunning acting in the drama serial ‘Khaani’ as Mir Hadi and made us fall in his character and as we all know Iman Aly is ever-gorgeous and that prettiest actress of all times. Tich Button is written by Faiza Iftikhar and produced by Jerjees Seja and Urwa Hocane under the production house ARY Films, Shooting Star Studio, and Salman Iqbal Films and directed by our very own Qasim Ali Mureed.

We really want to head over our cinemas to enjoy some quality movies. The films look legit beautiful just by its teaser and super creative videography, cinematic shoots, and top-notch storyline. The story-line shares that Sonya and Iman to bond together with each other. While Sonya Hussain looks absolutely stunning her desi attire nevertheless Iman Aly looks stunning in her western style. On the other side, Farhan Saeed’s dialogue, “Suna hai jab pyaar hota hai Banda apay sey bahir hota hai” at the end leaves us wondering if the movie will be a love story or a thriller action movie. The Suno Chanda actor Farhan Saeed nailing comedy and romance and we are absolutely sure that he won’t disappoint us. We just can’t wait to get our hands in this movie to hit in our big screens.

The movie ‘Tich Button’ will be ready to hit our big screens on Eid-ul-Adha 2020. The movie has definitely impressed us with its teaser and we here eagerly wait for its release because it looks legit super good. It is the movie that brings hordes of the audience back to our Pakistani cinemas. The principal photography of the movie ‘Tich Button’ started in February 2019.

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