Top 10 Pakistani Online Designer Dresses with Free Shipping

By Sanam Nayab — Published on 05/01/2023
The rise of online designer dresses has transformed the way people shop for high-end fashion, providing greater access and convenience than ever before.

Pakistani ladies are well-known for their sophisticated demeanor and adoration of the most cutting-edge examples of their culture’s clothes. Thankfully, they gravitate to the work of the many skilled and uncompromising native designers that the country has to offer.


Over the past era, there has been a dramatic growth in the number of emerging Pakistani fashion firms, leaving us with a flooded market and (fortunately) plenty of options. Below are several Pakistani designer dresses that provide online shipping.

1. Junaid Jamshed

Junaid Jamshed, serving customers in Pakistan and worldwide. New arrivals in women’s unstitched, Kurti, stitched suits, men’s kameez shalwar, kurta, waistcoats, sherwani & wedding collections, perfumes, fragrances, cosmetics, makeup, and more are all available at your fingertips when you purchase online.

Junaid Jamshed has 50+ outlets in Pakistan. J. is a clothing company founded in 2002 with the distinct ideology of reviving the country’s cultural history and producing Shalwar Kameez, the popular wear, rapidly rose to prominence as one of the region’s most renowned and well-recognized labels.


It has more than one hundred locations around the country now. J. has opened 20 locations worldwide, including the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Arab Emirates, and Qatar.

They deliver a wide variety of products for both genders, including eastern dresses, fragrances, shoes, and accessories. We deal with various fabric types and textures, including silk, chiffon, cotton, cambric, lawn, and seasonal materials.

Their assortment of clothes reflects the latest trends in fashion while maintaining a classic air. Art styles such as the Renaissance, Aztec, Fusion, and Arabian have all been used as inspiration for the designs.

2. Bonanza Satrangi

Bonanza Satarangi has been in business for almost 40 years, and throughout that time, it has consistently provided customers with high-quality clothing at affordable prices. Bonanza began selling ready-made winter clothing, notably knits for men, women, and children, in 1976, when the textile industry had not yet expanded to its full potential.

From then on, Bonanza was widely recognized as the undisputed industry leader in the production of ready-to-wear clothing, and its name was synonymous with quality and excellence. Bonanza is now a considerable textile behemoth, with over 80 stores throughout Pakistan.

However, Bonanza saw an opportunity among women’s clothing companies and expanded into the industry in 2012 with its own women’s apparel line Satrangi, which has since become a one-stop shop for all women’s fashion needs in Pakistan. It was then that the name Bonanza Satrangi was adopted. Women’s Prêt, Unstitched, Separates, Beauty & Fragrances, and Luggage are under the Satrangi label, while Men’s Formal Clothing, Knits, and Ethnic Wear fall under the Bonanza label.

3. Khaadi

Current CEO and Founder Shamoon Sultan, in a little shop in Zamzama, founded Khaadi. This original and lucid patriot needed the traditional art of hand-weaving fabric, which led to the concept of a shop like Khaadi. Khaadi was a brand with deep roots and boundless aspirations. Khaadi now provides Pakistani dresses online with free shipping.

It was permanently shifting, developing, and growing. In 2002, production moved to include garments for women, and by 2008, the debut of Khaadi Khaas signaled the company’s expansion into the premium womenswear market. In 2012, Khaadi transformed into a significant retail brand by adapting to client preferences and introducing vibrant grass prints.

Khaadi quickly expanded into a full-fledged lifestyle brand after introducing various innovative and experimental furniture, bedsheets, luggage, accessories, and shoes. After only 20 years, Shamoon Sultan expanded his modest 400-square-foot shop to 17 other cities in Pakistan, occupying 44 separate locations.

After making a name for itself both physically and virtually, Khaadi has expanded to four more nations. Khaadi’s devotion to craft and the ongoing fight to keep it alive were constants throughout the brand’s quick and vibrant transformation.

4. Limelight

Limelight debuted in 2010 and is a major player in Pakistan’s competitive fashion retail industry, with more than 70 brick-and-mortar locations and a revolutionary e-commerce website. They provide various products, such as Unstitched clothes, Prêt clothes, Western wear, shoes, and accessories. Also available are Men’s Eastern Wear and Kid’s Prêt.

Maypole (Pvt.) Ltd. introduced the Limelight brand to meet the demand for a low-priced alternative. We aim to design one-of-a-kind apparel that appeals to fashionable people of all ages by fusing classic and contemporary styles. Several times a week, we bring in brand-new inventory. Our mission is to produce competitively priced, high-quality goods that reflect the dynamic nature of the fashion industry.

5. Sana Safinaz

Sana Safinaz is owned and operated by SSFR (PVT.) LIMITED. As one of Pakistan’s oldest and most prominent fashion houses, Sana Safinaz was co-founded by Sana Hashwani and Safinaz Muneer in 1989. Regarding Pakistan’s fashion industry, Sana Safinaz has consistently raised the standard as a real innovator and trailblazer. Many clothing collections, such as the Pret, Diffusion, and Bridal Couture lines, are available.

The current retail expansion of the company includes a line of clothing. For the modern lady, we are the only luxury boutique to provide exquisite ready-to-wear and fashion fabrics, printed and embroidered with a keen eye for detail.

In 2013, a retail chain called Sana Safinaz launched in several parts of Pakistan, selling the most up-to-date and fashionable ready-to-wear garments in western and eastern styles, along with unstitched designs, accessories, and footwear.

6. Sapphire Online

Sapphire is a high-street brand created by a household name in the textile business. It is lauded for its ability to produce designer clothing at accessible price points by blending 100 percent pure fabric with an innovative design style. We have a wide selection of garments, including those suitable for everyday use and special occasions, such as silk tunics, scarves, and unstitched fabric. Each line centers on making high-quality clothing accessible to more people at lower prices.

The success of this one-of-a-kind retail brand may be attributed to the union of excellent design and high-quality cloth. Over the years, Sapphire has become a household name because of its devotion to producing high-quality fabric. As much as we like crafting them, we hope you enjoy wearing them even more.

7. Nishatlinen

Shop online at Nishatlinen for the newest styles in men’s and women’s unstitched clothing, ready-to-wear, formalwear, accessories for women and children, and home goods.

Regarding Pakistan’s textile industry, Nishat Mills Limited is among the most cutting-edge, massive, and well-equipped. It is anticipated that the current upward trend will continue for the foreseeable future due to the application of watchful and tactical management, effective policies, the maintenance of operational discipline, and an efficient marketing strategy.

The company’s manufacturing infrastructure includes spinning, weaving, processing, and electricity generation. Fashion is transformed, and cultural values are incorporated into new concepts and designs by NL, which provides you with the vibrant hues of the east with a dash of sophistication.

It is on us to showcase garments that reflect your sense of style. The sleek, clean lines and striking color palette provide an unforgettable first impression. Because we value our customer’s satisfaction, we never compromise on the quality of our offerings.

Whether trying to reach adult ladies or young children, you’ll find something here that speaks to them. We sell both finished and unfinished garments so that you may find the perfect fit for your refined grace. Choose from a variety of options, including seasonal updates and new designs.

8. Outfitters

In Pakistan, Outfitters is a verb for describing what’s in style. The company’s imaginative founding team made a bold investment in the fashion sector, and the result was a formal launch in 2003. Outfitters has always been at the forefront of introducing cutting-edge styles to the public in Pakistan. The 60+ locations around Pakistan that are now part of the Outfitters chain are a direct result of the devoted clientele that has supported the company for the past 13 years.

Initially, Outfitters was just a brand name for hip, urban clothing for both genders. In 2008, Outfitters expanded into the children’s clothing market with the launch of Outfitters Junior.

9. Alkaram Studio

Shop for women’s apparel online on Alkaram Studio, including dresses, tops, and shoes from top designers, because Pakistani dresses are available online with free shipping. At the official Alkaram online store, you may buy a variety of Pakistani men’s apparel, home furnishing, and
children’s outfits and have them delivered to Pakistan the next day.

10. Gulahmed Shop

Gul Ahmed is the central figure in the history of textiles in the Indian Ocean. In the early 1900s, the group started a trade in materials. The group’s industrial endeavors began with the founding of the now-famous Gul Ahmed Textile Mills Ltd. (GTM).

Gul Ahmed is a composite unit that produces everything from cotton yarn to completed items, with an installed volume of over 130,000 spindles, 300 high-tech weaving machines, and the most advanced yarn dyeing, processing, and sewing units. Gul Ahmed operates on its electricity generated by a captive power plant with gas engines, gas and steam turbines, and diesel generators as backup. Gul Ahmed has installed a wastewater treatment facility to handle all of its effluents to meet National Environmental Quality Standards (NEQS).

These days, Gul Ahmed is a fully vertically integrated business. They handle all aspects of production, from raw materials to finished goods, and then sell them to the public. In 1972, the firm began trading on the Karachi Stock Exchange.

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