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By Sanam Nayab — Published on 04/01/2023
Keeping up with the latest news and gossip about these celebrities has become a popular pastime, with many websites and social media pages dedicated to sharing the latest updates.

People are more interested in what’s happening in Pakistan’s entertainment industry because of its growth and diversity. Some of the hottest issues surrounding Pakistani celebrities are discussed here. Sit back and enjoy several of the most compelling Pakistani celebrities’ news.


Waqar Zaka Denies Cryptocurrency Scam After Non-Bailable Arrest Warrant

One of the latest Pakistani celebrities news was about Waqar Zaka when a Karachi court allotted a non-bailable arrest warrant for Waqar Zaka, a television broadcaster, and social media activist, in connection with the Rs173 million cryptocurrency fraud case (Geo TV).

A judicial magistrate issued the warrant earlier in the day after hearing the case brought by the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) based on information provided by the Financial Monitoring Unit (FMU). Zaka, who advocates for the legalization of virtual currencies in Pakistan, failed to appear in court, leading to the issuance of the warrants.

The FIA estimates that over the previous three years, he has racked up a debt of Rs87.1 million and a credit of Rs86.1 million in his bank account. As well as domestic deals, there were several international ones. He assured the media that his assets had been reported to the FBR. Still, he accused the FIA Cyber Crime of trying to establish that the money had been illegally imported into Pakistan.


He pondered if those who launder money did it through the financial system in Pakistan. He said the money was sent back through international economic systems as remittances. Furthermore, Zaka declared his intention to sue all online media outlets, most notably Dawn, for publishing false information about him in a defamation lawsuit.

Who is Muzna Malik?

In the season of weddings, Pakistani celebrities news is mostly about marriages. So cricketer Haris Rauf and fashion model Muzna Malik recently tied the knot in an intimate ceremony in Islamabad, Pakistan. The event was attended by several celebrities, including Shaheen Afridi, Shahid Afridi, Aqib Javed, and others.

Pictures taken during the ceremony of the newlyweds are currently trending on social media as onlookers witness the pair for the first time as a couple. Haris and Muzna are shown here chit-chatting shortly after their nikkah.

In a tweet wishing the great bowler a happy birthday, Lahore Qalandars, the Pakistan Super League (PSL) team that helped Haris Rauf into the national squad, shared photos from the wedding, which included appearances by several Pakistani celebrities.

Joyland Receives Its First Oscar Nomination

After creating waves at this year’s Cannes Film Festival, young filmmaker Saim Sadiq’s newest movie, “Joyland,” has continued his impressive success and brought honor to his country (IMDb ratings).

The winner of Cannes was Pakistan’s maiden entry in the International Feature Film category at the Academy Awards. Joyland has been in Pakistani celebrities news for more than a month.

It should be noted that “Joyland” won the “jury award” and the “Queer Palm” in the Cannes Film Festival’s “Un Certain Regard” category. In addition to triumphing over 13 other nominees for the coveted award, the film’s premiere was met with a 10-minute standing ovation from festivalgoers. In addition, during the 13th annual “Indian Film Festival of Melbourne,” which took place in Australia last month, Joyland won the prize for “Best Film From The Subcontinent.”

Saim Sadiq’s “Joyland,” a film celebrating the country’s “transgender culture,” is a “tale of the sexual revolution” in which a patriarchal family joins a secret erotic dance theater and falls in love with a defiant transsexual starlet, all the while secretly wishing for the birth of a baby boy to carry on the family line.

A Nomination for an Oscar for “Joyland”

Sana Jafri, Ali Junejo, Rasti Farooq, Sarwat Gilani, Sohail Sameer, Salman Peerzada, and Sania Saeed round out the cast, which Alina Khan leads. Malala Yousafzai, the executive producer of Joyland, was overjoyed by Saim Sadiq’s success and sent her congratulations.

“I couldn’t be more thrilled for you and your entire crew. Whoever was on the screen was also behind it. All of you have done an outstanding job. For me, participating in this endeavor is a tremendous honor. “This is a historic occasion for Pakistani artists and the country as a whole,” Malala gushed. She said, “The squad must know we are all extremely proud of them.”

Upon hearing this, Sadiq said, “Thank you for your efforts, for playing such a significant part. It’s a source of great pride for me as well. You can count on us to get the job done as a unit. The final list of Oscar nominations will be announced on January 24 next year.

Saba Faisal Separated Her Son And Daughter-In-Law

Actress Saba Faisal has revealed that she has divorced her son Salman and his wife, Neha. She announced last night on Instagram that she and her family had decided to cut ties with Salman and his wife.

The actress said her daughter-in-law had been a source of stress for the past four years. She said she is reluctant to share the information because she fears people’s reactions. Since she does not wish to present a biased account, she will not elaborate.

Saba According to Faisal, the video’s primary purpose is to disavow her son in public. Faisal continued by saying it was Salman’s choice to end his marriage, not hers, to force him to do so. She said that if her son feels he would have better prospects with Neha as his wife, he is free to make that choice.

She referred to her daughter-in-law Neha as a “nasty person” on the video. In addition, she made it clear that she had severed ties with everybody who commented on Neha’s video. Saba Faisal said losing connections with her son was tough, but she felt she had no choice. She says in the video that she’s never talked about her family in public before but feels the need to explain why she’s releasing this video now.

In a recent video, the actress shakes it with her kid to the infectious tune “Mera Dil Ye Pukaray” at a family celebration. She went so far as to share an Instagram of her family. Alhamdulillah, blessed with the most incredible family, was the caption she chose for the photo. Hollywood peers and fans of her work gave the actress positive feedback.

Atif Aslam Most Popular Pakistani Artist on Spotify

The year 2022 has been a wild journey for everyone, notably the creative community and the entertainment industry. Here is another Pakistani celebrities news. We’re almost at the end of 2022, and Spotify is already rolling out its “Wrapped” campaign, a collection of the year’s most famous artists, songs, and playlists in Pakistan.

Many famous Pakistani musicians have made it onto people’s Spotify playlists and are considered among the best in the country. Without a doubt, Atif Aslam was the most-streamed Pakistani musician of all time. He was followed closely by Talha Anjum of the Young group Stunner, who continued to be a fan favorite.

Spotify’s Most Streamed Pakistani Artist Is Atif Aslam

As a result of his mesmerizing voice, Atif Aslam has become an international phenomenon, beloved not just in his own Pakistan but also in every corner of the globe. Regarding Pakistani artists, 2022 belongs to Atif Aslam, who has become the most-streamed on Spotify and has won the hearts of listeners everywhere.

In addition to the iconic vocalist Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, other prominent Pakistani performers include Talha Yunus, the Young Stunners, and Asim Azhar. Although Arijit Singh is the most-streamed artist in India, it is AP Dhillon in Pakistan.

Humayun Saeed Attend the Crown Premiere

The premiere of “The Crown,” one of the most talked-about TV shows ever, has sparked a wide range of inquiries about the British royal family. Humayun Saeed has worked in many top Pakistani movies and considers one of the most famous actors in Pakistani celebrities news.

According to the producers, the last season has some of the show’s most memorable and impressive moments. However, the Pakistani actor Humayun Saeed, along with his co-stars, stole the show on the red carpet at the London premiere of the show, which took place before the program’s official release.

Yes! To the delight of his legion of adoring fans, actor Humayun Saeed made it to the Crown show, where he played Dr. Hasnat Khan. Actor Humayun Saeed attended the London premiere with his co-stars and the film’s directors. The actor posted pictures and red carpet photos to Instagram to keep his followers up to speed on his time at the event.

Actress Elizabeth Debicki, who portrays Diana in the most recent edition of the film series Humayun, is among those featured. Indeed an incredible joy to mingle with my co-actors and staff at the premiere in London last night,” he said as a description for the photo. Netflix has just released the fifth season of The Crown.

The combination of Humayun Saeed’s black tuxedo and white pleated wing-tip dress shirt and bow tie is dapper. Feel pleased and humbled to be a part of The Crown team,” he said as the description for this photo. We greatly appreciate all the good wishes, congratulations, and thanks. Means a lot to me.

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