Telenor TalkShawk Sonay ki Jeet Offer

Written by Noor
(Last Updated On: 03/08/2011)

Telenor presents offer “Telenor Sonay ki Jeet” quiz for 90 days.It is based on an SMS Quiz Question/Answer with multiple choice 1 and 2.

Daily prize: 2x10g Gold
Weekly prize: 2x25g Gold
Final prize: 1 kg Gold

Way of participation:

To start your participation, send an SMS to 7775 or dial *888#.

*Price per SMS to number 7775 is 8 rupees + tax.

From 19-06-2011 to 16-09-2011 all Telenor subscribers

  • Step 1: Send an SMS with the keyword “TS” to 7775*, or Dial *888# to activate. As a reply you will receive a welcome message and a question with 2 answering options!
  • Step 2: Send an SMS with text 1 or 2 indicating the answer, which you think is the correct one. You will receive a reply SMS notifying you whether your answer is correct or wrong and a new question will follow.
  • Step 3: Keep answering correctly to the questions and you will get more points to win the prizes.

All persons residing in Pakistan on a permanent basis, who are at least 18 years old, and are Telenor subscribers and who have activated WAP GPRS service, or the mobile internet service can use this offer.

Every day: A lucky drawn participant wins 10g of Gold. The winner must have sent at least one SMS during that specific date. Every day, the participant having the most points also wins 10g of Gold. The winner must have sent at least one SMS during that specific date.

Every Sunday: A lucky drawn participant wins 25g of Gold.The winner must have sent at least one SMS during that specific date.Every Sunday,the participant having the most points also wins 25g of Gold. The winner must have sent at least one SMS during that specific Sunday

At the end of the promotion: The best player with the most points become the grand winner, who wins 1kg of Gold.All winners of the daily, Sunday and final prizes will be informed with a phone call.

Useful Tips:

1. Transferring your points: By sending at least 1 SMS (regardless of the content of the sms) to 8888 every day from 19-06-2011 to 16-09-2011, you transfer all your collected points to go for all the prizes.

2. Collecting more points: During the contest you will have many opportunities to collect bonus points that boost your result. Take advantage of them, exploit the challenges and give the right answers to as many questions as you can and increase your points to be the top player of the day and the promotion.

3. If you have more questions about the game: For any additional information please call the 345 (for Telenor customers only) to talk with operator.

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  • ye sub pagal baney ki bat hai yahan kisi ko sona mila hai jo aap logo ko miley ga kyu apna blans zaya karah ho bhai logo

  • I have gone through the different comments of people mostly people mentioned that this prize system of Sonay Ki Jeet is unfair. It would be difficult to comments as in Pakistan I m first time paticipting and my final comments will be later. Inspite I do feel that telenor is a multinational organization and there should hope for fairness. As honesty is longlasting and has fruitfull result for any organization or community or even for an individual too. So let we see what happen

  • janab mera naam Muhammad Aslam he main pichly martaba telenor k purzor israar pr hissa liya purzor israar se murad roz msg a jata kai roz tak silsla jari raha akhr tang a k hissa lay liya mgr points 38lakh se bi ziyada they 50toley to darknar 1 ya 2 toley tak nahi nikla….dubara phir babar msg a jata 100 toley ka phir hissa ley liya 3cror se bi ziyada points ho gae teen grand prizes to darknar 1 ya 2 toley bi nahi nikla, Telenor k customer relation officer se baat hui to pata chala k abi grand prizes announce nahi huvey, dekhtey hain taqreeban sarey teen poney chaar cror points hain mera to dil hi mer gia, ab phir msg a giya 102 toley ka jis main inhun ne kara hisaa lain, hissa liya he ab 4cror se uper points hain taqreeban sarey chaar cror ab pata nahi kia kartey hain, mari tajweez he agr aap ne awam ko hakumat tara lutna shuru kr hi diya he to kum uz kum players k points to samey honey chehyan ta k kuch to tassali ho aisa nahi kr saktey to brae mehrbani ghareeb awam ko mazeed lutna band kr dain aur khuda k khauf se darain warna apko yahan to nahi aagey kara hisaab dena parey ga, mera to khiyal he is telenor ki service ko hi bund kr dena chehya ta k na rahe baans na bajey bansri.

  • I personally THINK that this is a big fraud I have spent a lot of money but couldn't get a single penny .I would suggest all friends to boycott the Telenor 's Services ,I am also filing a complain against this fraudulent campaign to FIA and NAB ..




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  • this all fucking fraud telenor wailay lootay asai scheme pai dont play this such type of games fraud hai i played but all of my 800 balance gone

  • i had 26,98,910 points but telenor didn't make me winner, this compaign was just for generating huge revenue notthing more,

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