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Indian ParaCommandos Vs Pakistani SSG Commandos

(Last Updated On: 18/12/2016)

The commandos of any country belong to their special operation forces. They consist of the army, air force, and navy well-trained personals. These commandos are involved into the various military activities and are responsible for the counter-terrorism operations, foreign internal defense, covert operations, direct action, unconventional warfare, hostage rescue and few others.

Here we will make a comparison between Indian and Pakistani commandos. First, we will like to throw light on their introduction.


Indian Commandos

Indian commandos work under the supervision of the Indian military. These are trained to conduct several special operations inside the government. All divisions of Indian military have specialized commandos. Indian commandos mainly belong to the three special operation forces that are Para (Indian Army), MARCOS (Indian Army) and Garud Commando Force (Indian Air Force). Indian MARCOS is more specialized as compared to the commandos of other two special forces. Indian MARCOS is controlled by Indian Navy but consists upon the specialized military personals of Indian Army and Indian Air Force as well.

Pakistani Commandos

 Just like India, Pakistani commandos also work under the supervision of Pakistan Army despite the fact other two sections of military Pakistan Air Force and Pakistan Navy also have specialized commandos. Special Services Group or SSG is the major special operations force in Pakistan that works under the supervision of Pakistan Army.  Then comes the Special Services Group Navy or SSNG that is the special operations force of Pakistan Navy. Special Services Wing that was also known as Maroon Berets is the special operations unit of the Pakistan Air Force.

Indian Commandos vs. Pakistani Commandos

  Indian Commandos Pakistani Commandos
Specialized Commandos MARCOS, Para Commandos, Special Frontier Force, Garud Commandos, National Security Guards, Force One, SSG, SSNG, SSW
Total Battalions Approx. 12 battalions Approx. 6 to  8 battalions
Main Commandos MARCOS SSG
Size Over twenty-five thousands Almost ten thousand
Supervised By Indian Navy Pakistan Army
Involvement in International Missions No Yes. Grand Mosque Seizure, Soviet-Afghan War, UN Peaceseeking Missions, War in Afghanistan
International Recognition Not too much Won Snipping competitions, exercises challenges, exhibits
Interaction with Other Elite Units Not too much

Conducts regular exercises with Turkish Special Forces, US special forces, Chinese Special Forces, Jordanian Royal Special Forces, Iranian Quds Force and now started with Russian Forces

Pakistani Commandos Training Video


Indian Commandos Training Video


  1. There are a lot of wrong information . Indian marcos have been involved in a lot of international missions like maldives crisis, and they also do regular practice with kazak , US and israelis and other special forces. Since marcos is very classifies so it basicaally doesn’t reveal it’s info. And indian army only won many golds , u can look up the info if u want on net . Thanks my pakistani brother , love from india.

    • don’t even bother to tell him. It’s a Pakistani website, so naturally, it is heavily biased. For example, the author won’t be able to answer why Marcos is India’s best special forces if it doesn’t conduct international missions and Para commando are more operationally active and conduct international exercises with counterparts.

    • o, common baby don,t cry.Your military is not able to beat ssg.

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