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Abrar ul Haq Song "Pani Da Bulbula" OST of Zinda Bhag

Abrar Ul Haq Song “Pani Da Bulbula” OST of Zinda Bhag

Abrar ul haq is also a part of upcoming potential block buster “Zinda Bhag” starring Nasir ud din Shah. As the original sound track of the movie has been sung by Abrar Ul haq. The song title is Pani da bulbula which is remix of Old punjabi song. Abrar ul Haq unique sweet voice has given new look to the song and it has been admired by many music artists and music directors. Abrar ul haq has kept his own style while singing the song.

Zinda Bhag is going to release on 6th September 2013 , the movie was scheduled to release on Eid but due to unidentified reasons the release have been delayed and now the movie will hit the cinemas in September. The film has been written and directed by Meenu and Farjad.  The screenplay of the movie has also been made by Meenu and Farjad. The copyrights of the song is owned by Mateela Films. The movie is produced by Mazhar Zaidi. Total length of the song is five minutes and fifteen seconds. Abrar Ul haq songs have became part of the Lollywood movies before this as his song “aja ni by ja cycle ty” was a part of Syed Noor film.

The potential and talent of Pakistan can be well utilized if the Pakistani cinema or Pakistan film industry make some quality movies and for sure it will attract people to the cinemas as well. It is sure that Abrar ul haq lovers will reach cinemas just to listen Abrar song in a movie. Its the charisma of the artists that attract people to go and watch movie at cinema and Bollywood utilize it the best. Lets hope that Pakistan film industry will take such steps again and again and give its artists a chance to utilize it artists at its best.

English Version You & Me Bubble of Water:

Old version of Paani Da Bulbula 1980:

Pani Da Bulbula OST of Zinda Bhag:

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